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dbMotion - Medical Information Sharing and Health Information Exchange Solutions for IDNs, HMOs, RHIOs, HINs and Healthcare Payers / Provider Collaborations

dbMotion, an innovative provider of medical informatics has developed the dbMotion™ Solution that creates secured virtual patient records. The dbMotion Solution works by logically connecting a group of care providers and organizations without data centralization or replacement of existing information systems.

Healthcare organizations and health information networks (such as RHIOs, LHINs and HIEs) use the dbMotion Solution to share medical data both internally and externally with other healthcare organizations. By sharing real-time medical information, medical staff are given a more complete view of the patient's medical history and can consequently improve their decisions, therefore providing safer and more efficient care.


The dbMotion Solution delivers secure aggregated, integrated and analyzed clinical information - including full treatment and procedure data - in real-time directly to the point of care.

These virtual patient records have the advantage of improvement in the quality of care and service and a reduction of medical errors; there is an elimination of unnecessary labs and procedures. Medical information sharing increases the efficiency of the medical care process while there is a shortening of the care cycle


The dbMotion System is a comprehensive platform for sharing medical information with a practical, secure and phased approach that allows organizations to preserve their current investment and best-of-breed applications. It enables rapid assimilation within the organization and within the caregiver's community.

* Tightly integrated architecture, security, policies and management

* Standards based and driven (HL7, CEN, ASTM CCR, open EHR)

* Web services infrastructure

* High performance - the entire process of collecting, integrating and delivering information takes seconds

* Rapidly deployed

* Cost effective

The System is based on innovative technology that enables medical information to be integrated from a collection of nodes (locations such as hospitals and public health organizations) in which all of the information remains in its original location and format.

The uniqueness of the System is in its capacity to gather information on demand and in real-time from all of the information systems dispersed throughout the organization, regardless of their specific geographical locations.

This medical information is integrated via the dbMotion Unified Medical Schema, based on HL7 and other standards, enabling information sharing between different parties.

dbMotion unites the information into a single Virtual Patient Object (VPO) and transfers it within seconds to the caregiver at the point of care. The VPO is constantly accessible at the point of care through a rich web-based viewer and a wide range of other content delivery technologies. This provides a real-time picture of the relevant information needed for decision making and enables effective medical care - without replacing current operational systems.


Delivery of sensitive patient data must be subject to high levels of security, therefore each user receives information limited to his or her specific profile. Based on this profile, different users get different authorization levels and thus access to different types of data, different historical depths and different methods of presentation. The dbMotion Solution features extremely strict information security using advanced methods for applying authorization, authentication and encryption, i.e.:

* Roles and profiles

* Content-based access control

* Auditing (e.g. Track Log)

* Integrated with existing security and administration (e.g. active directory)

* Adherence to HIPAA guidelines

* Encryption

* System administration and configuration

* Monitoring services


Worldwide dbMotion is considered to be one of the only fully operational systems that enable multiple healthcare systems to share and integrate their medical information into a virtual electronic patient record.

The dbMotion Solution has been implemented in several of the largest healthcare organizations in Israel creating, in 2001, one of the world's first and most extensive Health Information Networks (HIN). Today, this cross-enterprise HIN connects and integrates acute care and ambulatory care environments for three individual care provider networks comprising 14 hospitals, 1,200+ clinics serving more than four million people - a large part of the country's population.