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About Us
Status Medical Equipments is a pioneer manufacturer of Electromechanical Medical equipments.
Status Medical equipments is manufacturing medical equipments in the field of Urology from last fifteen years.
We have manufactured and installed more than 1000 medical equipments all over India.
We are leading manufacturer of Urological equipments in India.
Status Medical Equipment is having a well-equipped factory and R & D centre at Satara Industrial Area in the State of Maharashtra.
Status Medical Equipments is an ISO 9001-2000 Certified Company.
Status Medical Equipment manufactured HYDROMAT (suction and irrigation device) in year 1994.
We were one of the first manufacturer of intracorporeal pneumatic type lithotripter (CALCULICLAST) in India.
In year 2000, we introduced and manufactured Gravimetric type of Uroflowmetry system (FLOWCOMP) for the first time in India.
And from year 2002, we are manufacturing complete range of Urodynamics measuring system (UROCOMP-2000).
  • Designed to streamline diagnostic Uroflow recording.
  • A high performance microprocessor with DOT-MATRIX PRINTER measures urinary flow rate in ml/sec and volume.

  Calculiclast Workstation
  Urodynamic Measuring system
  Urodynamic Chair
Intracorporeal Contact Type Lithotripsy System.
  • Extra power for fast stone fragmentation.
  • Power of the blast adjustable.
  • Precise & minimum forward movement of the probe minimizes stone flying.
  • Four preset frequencies of the blast.
  • Special accessories and probes for fragmentation of renal and bladder stones.

Calculiclast work station
  • Calculiclast work station consists of Calculiclast complete set with noiseless and oilless compressor.
  • Trolley moveable trolley with enclosed compartment for compressor & two shelves for calculiclast & Hydromat.
  • Compressor with cut off safety switch mechanical safety valve dial guage, outlet valve & necessary piping.

Urodynamic measuring system
  • State of the Art technology and Integrated design.
  • Latest processors for fast data grabbing.
  • User friendly software.
  • Compatible with Windows-XP.
  • Reports and test parameters are as per ICS standards.
  • Full range of Urodynamics studies like Uroflowmetry, Cystometry, UPP, EMG and Video.

Urodynamic chair
  • Specially designed chair for urodynamics studies.
  • Attachment for Flowmeter, pressure sensor and UPP.
  • Motorised motion for high low seat and back.