• Detect the blood stream status of arterial / venous by 5.0MHz, 8.0MHz probe; detect the purpose of Finger/toes and part of body's vein anatomies operation
  • LCD can display the waveform and the detecting result of the blood stream average velocity, PK, MN, HR and SD in real time; indicates the blood stream status through the bar shape cursor and voice
  • Infrared ray jack can transmit the data to computer
  • Lithium Battery can be used again and again after charging


Transmitting : sine wave

Doppler response : 300MHz - -5KHz

Detect speed range : 4 - 40cm/s (BV - 520T)

Display : (BV - 520T) LCD, High definition

128 x 96 dots, display vascular PK, MN, HR and time

Power supply

Input power : DC 9V 1000mA

Batteries : 7.4V/900mA Lithium

Dimension : 35 X 55 X 13 (mm)

Net Weight / Gross Weight : 250g / 650g