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Mar 29th
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Research Insight

Providing an insight on the happenings within the healthcare industry, Hospital & Healthcare Management focus on enhancing life through sharing information

IMI Builds Collaborations to Monitor Vaccine Safety and Drug Effectiveness
The Innovative Medicines Initiative (IMI) is calling experts to join forces and tackle two challenges which are of major importance to public health. Measuring the combined benefits and risks of vacci...
Risk Of Surgical Complications May Be Reduced By Limiting Protein Or Certain Amino Acids Before Surg
Limiting certain essential nutrients for several days before surgery - either protein or amino acids - may reduce the risk of serious surgical complications such as heart attack or stroke, according t...
Researchers Study Impact Of Proposed Autism Diagnostic Criteria
Getting an autism diagnosis could be more difficult in 2013 when a revised diagnostic definition goes into effect. The proposed changes may affect the proportion of individuals who qualify for a diagn...
New Research Suggests Birth Weight Plays A Role In Autism Spectrum Disorder
Although the genetic basis of autism is now well established, a growing body of research also suggests that environmental factors may play a role in this serious developmental disorder affecting nearl...
Scientists discover three new gene faults which could increase melanoma risk by thirty percent
Cancer Research UK scientists have discovered the first DNA faults linked to melanoma – the deadliest skin cancer – that are not related to hair, skin or eye colour, according to research ...
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Global Congress on prostate cancer
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