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Facilities & Operations

Greiner Bio-One GmbH Ventana Medical Systems CAS Medical Systems, Inc.

Imaging & Diagnostics

Greiner Bio-One GmbH Ventana Medical Systems CAS Medical Systems, Inc.

Equipments & Devices

Nonin Medical, Inc. Progen Scientific Ltd ShenZhen Bestman Instrument Co.Ltd., Hill-Rom

PHILIPS – Premium Echo System – iE33 echocardiography system

Sample Image
Seeing is believing. If you can’t see it, you can’t diagnose it. That’s why image quality continues to be the most important aspect of any echo system....

SIEMENS – All-in-one-Solution for Molecular Imaging: Symbia E

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Symbia E is supported by syngo® software, accelerating the clinical workflow in acquisition, processing, and reviewing. The system achieves flexibility through a variety of patient ...

ZOLL – AED Plus Automated External Defibrillator

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ZOLL's AED Plus® features Real CPR Help®, a tool that is able to actually see what you are doing and provide feedback to help you do...


Leksell Gamma Knife® PERFEXION™ makes the entire procedure more efficient and user-friendly. ...

B. Braun’s KAIRison Bone Punch

KAIRison Bone Punch
The KAIRison is a bone punch powered by compressed air, the pneumatic principle increasingly used in the field of surgical instruments. The KAIRison...


Unique Safety Tube Holder with pre-attached VISIO PLUS Needle (sterile and single packed) for safe and simple blood collection. ...


hospital-and-healthcare-management-magazineAug 2017 e-book

Taking Healthcare IT into the next phase ‘, Digital trans-formation and the transition to value based care are pushing care providers to change their patient experience approach. Patients today desire the same customization and digital services in healthcare as they receive across retail and other industries.

With this in mind, we introduce the latest edition of Hospital & Healthcare Management Magazine – Vol 6 Issue II your one-stop resource that helps you stay up to date with the issues that matter the most.

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