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Realising AI’s Potential in Healthcare

Anyone who knows me, knows I have a penchant for coffee and a passion for healthcare. When I started volunteering at a charity clinic,...

Modernizing Diabetes Care: The Convergence of CGMs and AI in Treatment...

Across the healthcare industry, the role of artificial intelligence (AI) in advancing medical care is the subject of ongoing discussions. Given AI’s potential to...


Embracing Healthcare Upgrades !

This issue of Hospital & Healthcare Management focuses on how healthcare has been faring in a time where digital technology is looking to embrace it with all its glory.

With this in mind we introduce our latest edition of Hospital & Healthcare Management Magazine.

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CHC Survey Focuses on Community Hospital Resiliency

Community Hospital Corporation announced its inaugural survey of community and rural hospital executives on financial resiliency issues impacting their institutions.CHC’s comprehensive survey, completed in...

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Medical Fair Asia 2024

  • Marina Bay Sands, Singapore

  • Sep 11 - Sep 13, 2024

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Urgent Visits, Hospitalizations Dip Post Ransomware Attacks

California hospitals went on to experience reduced emergency department visits as well as inpatient admissions for weeks post-ransomware attack, as per a...

Chatbots More Dependable If Health Queries Are In English

Researchers from the Georgia Institute of Technology have gone on to find out that the chatbots happen to be less accurate in...

Facial Thermal Imaging: AI Forecasts Coronary Artery Disease

Real-time and non-invasive approaches happen to be more effective vis-à-vis conventional standards.Testing now necessitates a larger and much...

MedTech – Cross Sector Collab For Exceptional Expansion

As one stands at the height of a tech revolution when it comes to MedTech, it is indeed clear that a cross-sector partnership is...

Improving Sustainability In The MedTech Scheme of Things

It is indeed a startling fact that healthcare comprises 5% of the overall worldwide carbon emissions, and it is medical devices and technology that...

Ensuring Fair Access To AI-Powered Medical Devices For All

There is no other parallel to the fact that the advancement in medical innovation should be pushing for a higher scale of care as...

Medical Manufacturers Reshoring Business – Positive Effects

Due to aspects such as armed conflicts, climate change, geopolitical conflicts, and transitioning demographics, global supply chains have gone on to face quite prominent...

AI-Led Precision Medicine Altering Healthcare Patient Safety

It doesn’t come as a surprise when we put up the fact that the digital health space has gone on to expand to quite...

ML Determines The OUD Treatment Discontinuation Likelihood

One of the research teams from the University of Florida has gone ahead and, as a matter of fact, come up with a machine...

HHS Initiative Looks To Improves Hospital Cyber Resilience

The Advanced Research Projects Agency for Health, which happens to be the agency of the Department of Health and Human Services- HHS has gone...