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Meeting patients’ digital expectations with systems that put safety first

Digital transformation in healthcare is the step-change improvement of operations and clinical care services leveraging digital technology. But thinking of it as just going...

An AI future where healthtech merges with the human touch

It is a disruptive time in healthcare, with technological advancements driving many changes. Artificial intelligence (AI) holds particular promise in improving the patient and...


Embracing Healthcare Upgrades !

This issue of Hospital & Healthcare Management focuses on how synchronising coordinated efforts in the healthcare system is becoming The New Normal all around the world to improve the overall quality of care.

We introduce our latest edition of Hospital & Healthcare Management Magazine with a spotlight on this impeccable move to eminence.

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Support Crucial For Nurses To Embrace The Digital Change

Two leading academics have gone on to argue that a major upsurge in digital skills training as well as support for nurses is indeed...

US Healthcare Challenges & Support of Digital Technology

The US healthcare system happens to be facing a lot of challenges, such as rising costs, clinician shortages along with the need for enhanced...

Change Cyberattack A Minor Setback To Non-Profit Hospitals

It is well to be noted that the cyberattack against Change Healthcare is likely a minor financial setback when it comes to nonprofit hospitals,...

Modest 2025 Medicare Advantage Rate Cut Put By Biden Team

It is a well-known fact that health insurers usually go ahead and breathe a sigh of relief after the federal government posts the final...

Time Europe Stresses On Putting Preventive Health First

The COVID-19 pandemic has gone on to provide a stark illustration of how infectious diseases can go on to cause serious illness, put pressure...

Why Effective Temperature Management Is Critical In Field Hospitals

Temporary field hospitals are often set up in response to emergencies, natural disasters, pandemics, or in conflict zones, where traditional hospital facilities are unavailable,...

Emerging Digital Technologies Poised To Alter Healthcare

Technological advancements happen to be transforming every industry, and the insurance ecosystem is no different. Digital integration into the standard as well as vital...

6 Key Steps for Successful Patent Application for Healthcare Solutions

Securing a patent is the linchpin for protecting innovative healthcare solutions. It shields your breakthrough from copycats and establishes your foothold in the market. This...

After Change, Hospitals Question HHS Data Breach Reporting

In a March 21, 2024 letter to the HHS’ Office for Civil Rights, hospital lobbying organizations sought to go ahead and clarify who may...

Big Lift For The Decision Support Certification By The EHRA

There happen to be numerous overlapping federal requirements, such as the need for annual projects in order to maintain information blocking compliance as well...