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QR Codes: Increasing Cleaning Responsiveness and Patient Satisfaction

QR Codes: Increasing Cleaning Responsiveness and Patient Satisfaction

The COVID-19 pandemic has elevated patients’ awareness of environmental factors within hospitals and other healthcare settings, presenting a challenge for leaders to meet patients’...
The RPM Factor: Improved Care with Decreased Cost

The RPM Factor: Improved Care with Decreased Cost

It isn’t breaking news that hospital systems are at an economic inflection point. Increasing labor and supply costs balanced against increased emergency room visits,...


Dawn of the Health-Tech Age!
This issue of Hospital & Healthcare Management will demonstrate how important technology has become in bringing medical care and its components within the reach of everyone who wishes to benefit from them.

As we seep into this complex yet defining era of health-tech, we introduce our latest edition of Hospital & Healthcare Management Magazine with a spotlight on this impeccable move to eminence.

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CMS Unveils New Telehealth Program to Treat Acute Care Patients at Home

The New England Journal of Medicine and NEJM Group partner with Wolters Kluwer to...

Wolters Kluwer Health and NEJM Group have entered into an exclusive partnership to ensure that more researchers and clinicians around the world can access...

6 Things You Need to Keep Your Hospital Staff Happy

Happy hospital staff is essential to a well-run healthcare facility. They are more likely to be productive and provide better care for patients when...

Want a Career in Medicine? Here Are 6 Specializations You Can Pursue

If you are looking for a career that is both rewarding and challenging, then you should consider a career in medicine. There are many...

Digi Platform-Social Media Spot Vector-Borne Cases In India

A digital portal has been launched by the Institution of Engineering and Technology, a professional engineering institution, to track vector-borne diseases in India. The software,...

Trends & Growth Opportunities In The Chiropractic Industry

With the speed at which things are changing in many areas of the world, it's no surprise that the chiropractic industry is constantly advancing.With...

Trends And Growth Opportunities In The Dental Industry

As the dentistry industry continues to evolve and change, its vital that trends and growth opportunities are monitored. As a fast-growing industry with constant changes...

Nasal Vaccination Boosts COVID-19 Protection In Australia

Researchers from Australia's Centenary Institute and the University of Sydney have created a novel nasal vaccination system that promotes strong lung resistance and tolerance...

Telemedicine Penetration In Korea Eyes A Permanent Stay

According to a study report issued by the Korea Health Industry Development Institute, an institution connected to the Ministry of Health and Welfare, the...

Leveraging Zero Trust Security in Healthcare Organizations

Today, healthcare organizations are at greater risk of cyber attacks as these organizations store the most sought-after confidential data. Even amateur cybercriminals try to...

Addiction Treatments That Are Proven to Be Successful

Substance Use Disorders (SUDs) remain a pressing societal challenge across the world. Naturally, different countries face different challenges regarding addiction; the US has declared...

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