GE Healthcare - Centricity IT Solutions for Radiology, Cardiology, Anaesthesia, Intensive Care and OR Management
Centricity IT Solutions support our customers by delivering clinical data and images to the right place at the right time. Our solutions optimise processes and reduce costs, whilst improving diagnoses and patient care. Through collaboration with our healthcare community, we deliver solutions that optimise the clinical, financial and administrative workflow. We help our customers to save money, time and lives, in the areas of radiology, cardiology, OR management, intensive care or anaesthesia.

With Centricity RIS/PACS a radiologist will have a fully integrated solution for managing, processing and storing data and images. Digital information is available at any place any time and allows a more holistic view on a patient's health condition than ever before. State-of-the-art tools support a streamlined workflow and safe diagnoses:

  • Ultra-fast image storage and display
  • Far beyond 3D: advanced dedicated clinical applications for image post-processing like virtual colonography, advanced vessel analysis, CAD and much more
  • Voice commands for faster reporting
  • A free choice between digital dictation, offline recognition and online recognition
  • Intuitive and highly customisable user interface for easy and effective daily use
  • Online monitoring of performance via business dashboards to optimise workflow and reduce waiting times
  • True enterprise PACS for radiology, cardiology and any other type of images
  • Follows international standards like IHE, DICOM and HL7 and take the vision of an interoperable healthcare infrastructure to the next level

In 2006, COCIR stated that GE Healthcare's Centricity RIS/PACS solutions held more than 40% market share in Europe, driving the company's vision of 'Early Health' and shaping a new age of patient care.

Digitisation also became realitiy in cardiology departments. The fact that heart disease is one of the major causes of death world wide underlines the need for automatisation and fast processes in cardiology. Centricity Cardiology is designed to be the environment of choice for cath labs, echo labs and 3D processing of CT, MR, and PET/CT datasets. Its power goes beyond clinical review possibilities and combines traditional DICOM viewing capabilities of CA1000 with advanced 3D clinical analysis tools of AW Suite 2.0.

The solution bridges the gap between IT and cardiology devices (invasive, non-invasive, ultrasound) and has an easy and intuitive user interface. Deep functionality and user specific configurability help cardiologists to better diagnose the causes of heart disease instead of only treating the symptoms.

The priorities in anaesthesia, critical care and OR management include providing high quality patient care with efficient case process management. Vital patient information is needed online and at the point of care. Centricity means high performance, easy-to-use solutions for planning and managing care and electronic patient records. Intuitive and integrated to HIS it helps to view the patient data more clearly and accurately.

Paperless standardisation planning and documentation of care will streamline communication and reduce medication errors. Centricity allows effective patient assessment, care and resource planning, and automatic data collection from medical devices, e.g. monitors, ventilators or infusion pumps.

Preconfigured cases and pick lists, with touch screen optimised user interface make it a userfriendly solution, specifically designed to meet individual needs and requirements from small, stand-alone units to big and fully networked installations.

Centricity IT solutions optimise processes, reduce costs, improve diagnoses and patient care, supplying clinical data and images
at the right place and time.
We produce simple tools for large datasets, with advanced RIS/PACS postprocessing and more than just 3D inside a PACS.

Centricity Cardiology Workflow is a comprehensive collection of tools and the environment of choice for cath labs, echo labs and 3D processing ofCT, MR, and PET/CT datasets.

We supply patient information at
the point of need as well as centricity anaesthesia, intensive care and OR management for planning, managing and documenting care.