Senzime AB (SEZI) – Financial and Strategic SWOT Analysis ReviewSaturday, September 12, 2015

Senzime AB (Senzime) is a medical technology company that develops and markets enzyme based biosensor technology and products. It manufactures and markets proprietary and patented biotechnology products designed for health care and pharmaceutical production.

The company’s products include BioSenz, BioSenz accessories, OneSenz and CliniSenz. Its BioSenz is a glucose monitoring device which optimizes bioprocesses through continuously and accurately measuring the glucose concentration in the bioreactor. Senzime’s BioSenz accessories include sensor for glucose monitoring, filter probe with filter and multiplexer. The company’s products are applicable in the areas such as medical diagnostic instruments, pharmaceutical industry, chemical processing, and food and beverage processing. Senzime is headquartered in Uppsala, Sweden.