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Philips Azurion image-guided therapy platform

GE Introduces Healthcare Technology Company to Revolutionize Blood Collection

GE introduced Drawbridge Health, a privately-held healthcare technology company focused on enabling personal diagnostic testing anytime, anywhere. Drawbridge Health is developing proprietary technology designed to integrate draw ...


Genomic health and cleveland diagnostics announce collaboration to develop new prostate cancer Tests

Genomic Health , the world leading provider of genomic-based diagnostic tests, and Cleveland Diagnostics, Inc., a biotechnology company focused on developing...


Mount sinai researchers identify novel therapeutic targets for metastatic melanoma, path for new drugs

Mount Sinai researchers have identified novel therapeutic targets for metastatic melanoma, according to a study published in Molecular Cell.

Comfortable Mammogram Can Help Save My Patients Lives

Amblyopia and the brain

Vision occurs in the brain, not the eye. Our eyes convert light into a signal that the brain makes sense of, but sight actually occurs in the brain. During childhood, an eye defect such as one eye being out of focus results in an abnormal signal to the brain.


Johns Hopkins Scientists Develop Experimental Nano-Chemo Particle to Treat Bladder Cancer

Johns Hopkins researchers have developed a way to successfully deliver nano-sized, platinum-based chemotherapy drugs to treat a form of bladder cancer ...


Cordis and Medinol Announce FDA Approval of the Innovative EluNIR Drug Eluting Stent System

Cordis, a Cardinal Health company, and Medinol announced United States FDA approval of the EluNIR drug-eluting stent (DES) for the treatment of patients ...


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