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- An Impeccable Move to Eminence

The way we perceive care-giving is continuously changing and have a growing demand for speedy process. The industry leaders have already defined that empowering processes is the way out to keep up with the changing landscape of global healthcare needs.

Keeping Process Driven Approach as our top priority, we introduce our latest edition - Dec 2019 issue of Hospital & Healthcare Management Magazine with a spotlight on this impeccable move to eminence and encapsulate the views of the industry leaders.

We hope you find this issue an interesting read and informative!

HHM Global Magazine
December 2019 - Vol 8 Issue III
Featured Articles
Cold Chain Logistics: Powering Asia’s Biopharma Boom

Cold Chain Logistics: Powering Asia's Bio-pharma Boom

Read this article by Karen Reddington, President, FedEx Express to undersand how the patients having the means to afford the newest and most effective biopharmaceuticals are on a rise and what regulators are doing to ensure that novel biopharmaceuticals and biosimilar are brought to market more swiftly than ever before, resulting in the need for their services growing rapidly.


Building a Solid Foundation in Medical Device Packaging

Is it necessary to invest in adequate device protection and if so how it is best achieved so the device arrives in a sterility intact state at the customers' doorstep. Oliver Healthcare Packaging in this article spotlight on building a solid foundation in medical device packaging.


Building a Solid Foundation in Medical Device Packaging

Healthcar Organisations that Focus on Clinical Outomes as Key ROI metric

Healthcare organisations that focus on clinical outcomes as key ROI metric have higher success with analytics

HIMSS Analytics survey sponsored by Dimensional Insight reveals that organizations that focus on clinical outcomes as their key ROI metric – as opposed to financial returns or staff efficiency – rank higher across the board in terms of usage of analytics, average number of metrics used, measured success rate, and overall effectiveness of analytics.


Providing better care with 50 % faster access to clinical data

This is an interesting case study on Molina Healthcare showcasing how by centralizing medical records in a single repository with integrated case management, the organization provided rapid access to vital content and avoid potentially costly delays and penalties.


Outsourcing in Healthcare - The Pros and Cons

How This HCM Software Feature Can Help Retain Hospital Staff & Reduce Turnover

How this HCM software feature can help retain hospital staff & reduce turnover

Robert Mattson from Covalence Consulting Inc. explains how Human Capital Management (HCM) software can address employee pain points and creates solutions to common hospital staffing problems. He also describes how the 'self-scheduling' features of HCM can help organizations to achieve significant results when it comes to retention.


Mentoring through HoLEPs learning curve

Karin Lehrich, Jens Hansen and Joanna Warnecke the urologists at the Vivantes Auguste-Victoria-Hospital in Berlin bring us this article on how a well-established hospital-based program helps top surgeons confidently perform HoLEP for patients with BPH.

Early Experiences with MoLEP for BPH
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