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Bayer transforms pharma business through breakthrough innovation in healthcare.

Bayer presented exciting progress in transforming its pharmaceutical business with breakthrough innovation in healthcare that will significantly help patients...



Abbott to Launch the NeuroSphere myPath Digital Health App Designed to Track and Report Pain Relief in Chronic Pain Patients.

Abbott announced the upcoming launch of NeuroSphere myPath a digital health app designed to track and report on patient perceived pain...


InterSystems for Health Selected by Konica Minolta for Rapid FHIR-Based Data Integration for Imaging Devices.

InterSystems announced that InterSystems IRIS for Health the world's first and only data platform developed specifically for extracting value...



Quest Diagnostics enters agreement with CDC to sequence Covid-19 gene variants to aid public health response to Covid-19

Quest Diagnostics announced that it has entered into an agreement with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to provide genomic sequencing...


Syntegra Partnering with NIH to Democratize Access to the Largest Set of COVID-19 Patient Records.

Syntegra and the National Institutes of Health have announced a collaboration to validate Syntegra's AI-enabled synthetic data technology to advance...



Asustek Computer cooperates with hospital to develop AI-based solutions for medical application.

Asus Intelligent Cloud Services, Asustek has co-operated with Chung Shan Medical University Hospital in central Taiwan to develop an AI-based electronic...

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