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Dawn of the Health–Tech Age!

Dawn of the Health-Tech Age! This issue of Hospital & Healthcare Management will demonstrate how important technology has become in bringing medical care and its components within the reach of everyone who wishes to benefit from them. As we seep into this complex yet defining era of health-tech, millions are gathering a bountiful harvest of opportunities, while some observers stare in awe, oblivious to the vastness of the field.

We introduce our our latest edition- April 2022 issue of Hospital & Healthcare Management Magazine

We hope you find this issue most informative!

April 2022 - Vol 11 Issue I
Featured Articles
Technology as a Service

Healthy Databots: The Future of Healthcare Data Quality

We will have clinicians in the loop for a period of time until we can actually trust that AI and those technology solutions are taking care of the patient in the way that is best. I' ve been thinking about this quote a lot. In part, it horrifies me.


The Radiology Evolution – Is The IT Infrastructure There Yet?

Proper and quick diagnosis is the need of the hour is such an understatement these days. At a time when the pandemic has crippled the world, a quick resurrection through apt medication is implied.


How innovation and responsibility contribute to patient

How Data Can Improve Hospital Efficiency and Safety in the Post-COVID World

7 ways to boost healthcare practitioner wellbeing and productivity

With the Great Resignation in full swing, healthcare institution managers must look for ways to address the physical and mental wellbeing of nurses and carers to keep them in their roles.


For Community Hospitals, Enhanced Communication and Monitoring Improve Patient and Staff Safety

Finding silver linings to the COVID pandemic can be difficult. But one positive outcome is an uptick in reporting risk factors at hospitals. Better communication, enhanced monitoring, and highly useful software dashboards...


Clinical AI cant afford to be a square peg in a round hole

Internet of Behaviours (IoB) and why Pharma and Health Brands

Studies Show Significantly Lower Costs Using MOSES 2.0 Technology for Enlarged Prostate Surgery

Prostate enlargement, or benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH), affects about half of men aged 51 to 60, with the risk increasing with age to include 90% of men over 80.1 The condition slows down and can even block flow...


Blood Gas Analyzer Changeover Helps Improve Quality of Care and Workflow at a Large Urban Respiratory Care Center

Critical care settings often rely on quick, accurate tools to help providers make appropriate clinical decisions. Blood gas analyzers are essential in high-volume medical units since they rapidly measure key parameters...


Ayushman Bharat Digital Mission

Internet of Behaviours (IoB) and why Pharma and Health Brands

It's challenging to digitise a microbiology lab, but it’s worth it

When it comes to the digitisation of clinical laboratories, microbiology has always presented a challenge – particularly where integration and going paperless are concerned. It has been a long journey to achieve...


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