Sajix is Simplifying the Healthcare by integrating the powers of IT into Healthcare Services


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Sajix  is Simplifying the Healthcare by integrating the powers of Information Technology into healthcare services. Our seamless integration methodology provides a comprehensive approach to the complete lifecycle of healthcare applications and services, addressing the needs of the entire healthcare delivery continuum.

Sajix Inc, is a leading provider  of global  healthcare information technology solutions. Based out of Silicon valley California, Sajix operates in many countries and is continuously expanding globally.

Whether it is the physician’s office practice management or enterprise-wide acute care facilities, the extended care environment or patients special nutritional needs or parental awareness of students emergency medical needs; Sajix iHelix provides Global Healthcare Solution with built in country, race and regulation specific localizations. 

iHelix platform has five major solutions iHelix MD (an integrated solution for physician practice), iHelix Hospital(an integrated solution for hospital), iHelix Telecare (Remote consultation for patients), iHelix lite (solution for mobile clinician) and iHelix platform (custom solution for healthcare organizations).

Sajix iHelix has built in complementary business process services like  Material Management to manage procurement and inventory of medical equipments and drugs, Financial Module to manage patient billing, supplier payments and cash flow, Audit Module for Audit and Compliance reporting etc.

Sajix iHelix can be hosted in client’s premises or accessed On Demand through web, and can be configured from single doctor practitioner to large hospital. It helps in substantial cost reduction in managing healthcare services while providing healthcare continuity and privacy. 

Sajix iHelix healthcare solution is CCHIT certified, easy to deploy, highly configurable, easily manageable even by non IT people, available in multiple languages and currencies, supports CCR and CCD standards and is backed by 24X7 customer support.