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Hypothermic Machine Perfusion: Improving the Organ Transplant Process and Hospital Operations

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Transplantable organs are in chronic shortage in the U.S., and there continues to be a woeful imbalance between donor organ supply and demand. One...

Build new muscle memory with IT to transform healthcare

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Is muscle memory a good thing? Or a bad thing? And how does it hinder digital transformation, particularly in the healthcare industry?Most of us...

The Future of Ventilator Care

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Despite facing perhaps the greatest challenge seen in a lifetime, the COVID-19 pandemic highlighted what makes the healthcare industry such a resilient field. When...

Make data part of the healthcare solution, not a problem

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We hear a lot about the under-reporting of medication errors in hospitals but far less about the impact of erroneous reporting systems on staff...
COVID Hospitalizations In The US Break Last Winter's Record

Why Hospital Pharmacies Should be Protected from Post-COVID Cuts

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As we emerge from the shadow of COVID-19, it’s fair to say that hospital systems in general, and certainly pharmacies in particular, have never...
Immunotherapy - A game changer in cancer treatment

Immunotherapy – A game changer in cancer treatment

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With the ongoing techade, scientific advancements in cancer treatment have grown by leaps and bounds leading to immense progress in medical science and research...

Take control of healthcare data to better manage care

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Governments across South East Asia are accelerating digital health plans to connect and integrate healthcare data. But in the meantime, new technology like machine...

An Ounce of Prevention: How to Ensure Patient Identification in M&As and Beyond

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By 2025, the compound annual growth rate of healthcare data is expected to reach 36 percent, surpassing other major industries, including manufacturing, financial services...
QR Codes: Increasing Cleaning Responsiveness and Patient Satisfaction

QR Codes: Increasing Cleaning Responsiveness and Patient Satisfaction

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The COVID-19 pandemic has elevated patients’ awareness of environmental factors within hospitals and other healthcare settings, presenting a challenge for leaders to meet patients’...
The RPM Factor: Improved Care with Decreased Cost

The RPM Factor: Improved Care with Decreased Cost

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It isn’t breaking news that hospital systems are at an economic inflection point. Increasing labor and supply costs balanced against increased emergency room visits,...