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Doctors Center Hospital Of Puerto Rico Uses Trusted Data To Improve Decision-Making And Kpis

Companies Dimensional Insight, Inc
Data lies at the center of Doctors Center Hospital’s strategy to improve its revenues and costs while enhancing patient care. Like many hospitals, Doctors Center has an abundance of clinical, operational, and financial data....

Is your facility ready for the next respiratory outbreak?

Companies CleanSpace Technology Pty Lrd
Global conditions are such that the threat of a respiratory pandemic is greater than ever before. In order to adequately respond in the face of an outbreak, healthcare workers need to be protected so...

Where is Healthcare Headed?

Companies Life Healthcare Group
It is a fascinating time for healthcare globally. Shifting demographics, cost pressures,policy changes, consumerism, and rapid advances in technology will change the face of healthcare as we know it.South Africa has its own unique...
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Steerable Microcatheter Facilitates Faster Vessel Selection, Resulting in Lower Procedure Time

Companies Merit Medical Systems, Inc
Selective cannulation of a small arterial branch vessel for targeted angiography or embolization is a commonly performed interventional radiology procedure, although the available toolkit of the operator may impact the ability to manage complex...

Healthcare organizations in deep water as phishing attacks increase

Companies DocBook MD
Barely a day passes without hearing the news of a new large-scale data breach. Cyber-attacks affect organizations of all sizes across all industries; however, the fallout from a data breach affects different organizations in...

Benefits of Collaborative Learning Environments

Companies Lumenis
Patient care, organizational reputation, and technology ROI flourish when peer-to-peer education flourishes.We all need to continue to learn and grow for the sake of our patients and our own intellectual engagement, but many of...

Hospital Acquired Infections: Global Crisis Demands More Innovative Solutions

Companies Novaerus
Hospital acquired infections have become so commonplace that patient horror stories have lost the power to shock.No hospital — not even the cleanest, most advanced healthcare facility — is immune to this epidemic or...

Predicting the future of cancer immunotherapy: Using autoantibody biomarkers to drive safer and more...

Companies Protagen AG
For a number of years now, immunotherapy has been seen as the dawn of a new era, and is the most promising approach to cancer treatment since the use of targeted therapies, making headlines...

Why Healthcare Needs Professional IT Assistance

Companies Academic Brits
Healthcare is in need of good IT solutions in multiple fields at the moment. As technology moves forward, the public is expecting more development in healthcare as well. Some of the main pain points...

Preventing stroke in patients with atrial fibrillation and co-morbidities: The right NOAC for the...

Atrial fibrillation (AF) increases the risk of stroke by 5-fold. Non-vitamin K antagonist oral anticoagulants (NOACs) offer a new standard of care in preventing AF-related strokes.We caught up with Professor Sylvia Haas,the grand doyenne...
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