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7 apps that provide mental health and mindfulness support on the go

The Johns Hopkins Medicine site reveals that roughly 1 in 4 Americans aged above 18 suffers from a diagnosable mental disorder every year.Moreover, the American Institute of Stress outlines that 73% of Americans regularly...

What Responsibilities Do Health Care Professionals Have in Preventing Antibiotic Resistance?

Companies Productivity Bytes
Antibiotic resistance occurs when previously effective antibiotics no longer work to combat bacteria. It's a serious problem since even small infections can become severe problems when antibiotics don't keep them at bay.In environments like...

What It Means to Your Doctor When You Die

In the 10 years I've been practicing hospital medicine, the patients who stay the most present in my mind are the ones who never left the hospital. I once had a patient, Charles*, a...

Digital Pathology Market to have more Demand with The Increasing Pace of Chronic Diseases

A digital pathology system is an active, image-based setting, that enables the processes of procurement, management, and interpretation of pathological information that has been generated from a digitized glass slide or any other device....

Be Ready to Treat Kidney Stones in Obese Patients

Companies Lumenis
Obese patients are more likely to have kidney stones, but not all facilities are prepared to treat them safely, effectively and efficiently. In a recent meta-analysis, relative risk for kidney stones increased 21% for each...

The Changing Business Model of Hospitals

The healthcare landscape is changing, but hospitals are not the primary cause of this change. Hospitals are being forced to adjust their business models due to the urgent care centers that are offering patients...

Doctors Center Hospital Of Puerto Rico Uses Trusted Data To Improve Decision-Making And Kpis

Companies Dimensional Insight, Inc Print Issue - Dec'18
Data lies at the center of Doctors Center Hospital’s strategy to improve its revenues and costs while enhancing patient care. Like many hospitals, Doctors Center has an abundance of clinical, operational, and financial data....

Is your facility ready for the next respiratory outbreak?

Companies CleanSpace Technology Pty Lrd Print Issue - Dec'18
Global conditions are such that the threat of a respiratory pandemic is greater than ever before. In order to adequately respond in the face of an outbreak, healthcare workers need to be protected so...

Where is Healthcare Headed?

Companies Life Healthcare Group
It is a fascinating time for healthcare globally. Shifting demographics, cost pressures,policy changes, consumerism, and rapid advances in technology will change the face of healthcare as we know it.South Africa has its own unique...
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Steerable Microcatheter Facilitates Faster Vessel Selection, Resulting in Lower Procedure Time

Companies Merit Medical Systems, Inc Print Issue - Dec'18
Selective cannulation of a small arterial branch vessel for targeted angiography or embolization is a commonly performed interventional radiology procedure, although the available toolkit of the operator may impact the ability to manage complex...


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