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Cybersecurity for Healthcare

Cybersecurity for Healthcare

Companies IBM Print Issue Sep’19
Layered defense is key to a successful Cybersecurity Strategy in Healthcare which starts with endpoint management. The number of internet connected (IoT) devices is...
AI and self care can make up for practitioner scarcity

How AI and self care can make up for practitioner scarcity

Companies ACCENTURE Print Issue Sep’19
Demand for healthcare services continues to skyrocket. Is limited growth in clinician ranks triggering a talent gap? Raw numbers suggest such a gap already...

Extinguishing Burnout, a Continuing Challenge in Healthcare

The Allure Group Online Topics
Extensive research has identified the causes and consequences of burnout; now it’s time for solutions.More than half of doctors, and almost as many nurses,...
Early Experiences with MoLEP for BPH

Early Experiences with MoLEP for BPH

Companies Lumenis Print Issue Sep’19
The prevalence of benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) gives us the opportunity to continually hone our approach to treatment through many repetitions. Our experience has...
Cloud Computing Has Brought to Healthcare

6 Benefits Cloud Computing Has Brought to Healthcare

Productivity Bytes Online Topics
Every day, more and more organizations migrate their data to either the cloud or a hybrid server. There are many benefits to doing this,...
Digital Health

Digital Health – from Hope, Hype, and Halt to Hope, Heal and Health

Print Issue Sep’19
AbstractOver the past 40 years, the healthcare community has been repeatedly excited by the hope of providing better care through the effective adoption of...
Importance of Equipment Calibration in Hospitals

The Importance of Equipment Calibration in Hospitals

Productivity Bytes Online Topics
There are hundreds of different types of equipment in any given hospital, anywhere in the world. Each specialty has its own specific kind of...

5 Proven Strategies Hospitals Can Use to Boost Efficiency

Companies Productivity Bytes Print Issue Sep’19
Better efficiency is one of the ongoing goals at most workplaces, but it's arguably imperative at hospitals. In those settings, processes that waste time...
Robotic Surgery

Why Robotic Surgery is Not Always Ideal – Especially in the Case of Female...

The Center for Innovative GYN Care Online Topics
How is it possible that a more expensive, more invasive and more time-consuming surgical option for minimally invasive GYN surgery – robotics – is...
Living with Social Anxiety Disorder

Living with Social Anxiety Disorder: Uncovering Next – Generation Treatments for a Common and...

VistaGen Therapeutics Online Topics
Interviewing for a job, going on a date, speaking in front of a crowd – everyone, in all kinds of circumstances, has anxiety, even...