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This section provides an overview of the organizations we are currently dealing with and have dealt with in the past which are sorted below country-wise.

Telehealth and Online Identity Verification: How to Create a More Inclusive Experience

COVID-19 has greatly changed how we care for ourselves and has resulted in a massive shift in how we connect with our doctors. But telehealth has tremendous potential beyond the pandemic as well. Virtual care expands healthcare access for everyone while also...

Signify Research : Adopting an Enterprise Imaging Strategy

Care pathways for many diseases and conditions are complex, involving interactions with many different care teams within a healthcare system. Medical imaging plays a significant role in an array of conditions and treatments. A patients’ journey through a healthcare system is commonly tracked via...

State of Artificial Intelligence in the Healthcare Industry revealed through a new IDC White Paper

State of Artificial Intelligence in the Healthcare Industry revealed through a new IDC White Paper
Healthcare organisations seeking to implement and extend their artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities struggle with finding skilled personnel and sufficient, high quality data, according to a new IDC White Paper, sponsored by InterSystems, AI In Healthcare: Early Stage with Steady March to Maturity.The study amassed...

Dispensing Cleanliness During an Outbreak or Pandemic

Dispensing Cleanliness During an Outbreak or Pandemic
Due to the global pandemic caused by coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19), Hydro Systems, a world leader in chemical dispensing equipment, software and services, has published an educational white paper, “Dispensing Cleanliness During an Outbreak or Pandemic.” The white paper discusses the current state of...

Forecasting the Future of the Medical Device Supply Chain

Forecasting the Future of the Medical Device Supply Chain
As the rise of digital continues its trajectory, medical device supply chain professionals are recognising the need for a more holistic approach to improve their customer service. In Q2 of 2018, WBR Insights surveyed 100 Directors of Supply Chain from across Europe to find...

The future of digital medicine and how will it impact healthcare?

This exclusive report covers trends in digital medicine policy, financing, privacy, and partnering. It includes perspectives from over seventeen of the most influential thought leaders in the space. Gain new insights to help you develop your digital strategies!Click here to download the full WhitePaper

The Challenge of Securing Hard to Patch Servers in Health Care Environments

Source: Blue Lane The healthcare industry has benefited from the breakneck pace of digitization-spanning everything from payments to patient records to X-ray film-but it has also been increasingly exposed to

Controlling Healthcare – Acquired Infections in the Superbug Era: Why Hand Hygiene and Surface Cleaning are not Enough

Hospitals today face an acute crisis: the spread of infection among patientsIn high-income countries, 5% to 10% of hospitalized patients — including 30% of patients in intensive care units contract an infection during their stay. Each year, in Europe and the United States, hospital...

Top Four Reasons Patients Adopt a Hospital-Branded Mobile App

10979 - 10979-hospital-branded-mobile-app.jpg
A successful hospital mobile strategy must take a patientcentric approach to development and embrace the reality that patients are consumers with high expectations for the mobile apps they choose to adopt.A mobile app that features indoor navigation is increasingly a top priority for hospitals...

Five Strategies for Health Systems to Increase Patient Payments

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With 65% of patient financial liabilities never collected bad debt is a massive problem for all health systems and providers.As high deductible plans rise in prevalence, higher out-of-pocket expenses will continue to drive the growth of patient debt. Additionally, patients have begun to evaluate...