Orbita Expands Conversational Technology Solution for healthcare and life sciences organizations


Orbita, the leading provider of HIPAA-compliant conversational voice and chat solutions for healthcare and life sciences organizations, announced the expansion of its solution offerings in response to the changing landscape in healthcare, particularly in the age of COVID-19. Orbita’s newly updated digital front door offering, OrbitaENGAGE, now features more support for care navigation and campaigns, enabling providers to reach and retain new and existing patients in support of reopening initiatives, while reducing burden on clinical and call center staff.

Hospital revenues are dropping over $1 billion each day as COVID-19 continues to impact patient volumes and care delivery. OrbitaENGAGE provides healthcare organizations with the tools necessary to reach and engage patients where they are 24/7 through natural, intuitive conversational voice and chatbot technology.

New solution updates include automated, flexible campaigns that support provider outreach, helping to bring patients back in and prevent further gaps in care.

Along with this targeted outreach support, OrbitaENGAGE creates a seamless experience for patients at every point in their care journey, guiding and directing existing patients to the right level of care and resources based on their needs. The solution enables patients to take control of their healthcare experience through its messaging and communications module. The module facilitates and automates notifications and nudges for patients to take action and stay connected to their care team— including rescheduling canceled appointments, communicating reopening and safety procedures, pre-screening prior to appointments, mental health screenings and support, and more.

“The emergence of COVID-19 has accelerated the need for health systems to digitally transform to meet their operational challenges and consumer expectations.

But making sense of a quickly evolving ecosystem of innovative solutions is extremely hard for health systems,” said David Harvey, CEO of Panda Health. “Panda exists to help health systems procure and adopt digital health solutions safely, economically, and at speed. Orbita has clearly emerged as a leader in their space, meeting our criteria on these three principles, and we are thrilled to represent them in our marketplace.”

“We developed OrbitaENGAGE to help healthcare organizations curate their digital presence or their digital front door strategy,” said Kristi Ebong, Orbita’s SVP of Corporate Strategy. “Our goal is to make it easier for providers to create a streamlined process that helps patients identify care options and take action, resulting in a better overall experience, more conversions, and ultimately an increase in revenue and improvement in health outcomes.”

Built on the Orbita platform, the modular digital front door solution allows for flexible configuration, including voice search, conversational calls-to-action, and operational dashboards, to ensure organizations remain agile in times of uncertainty and change, without reinventing their digital transformation roadmap.