Research Reveals Agencies Optimistic about Post-Pandemic Focus on Homecare Sector


Hope is on the horizon for the homecare sector, with the majority of agency owners optimistic about improvements in the homecare sector for both their businesses and those receiving care over the next year. That’s according to a focus group of 11 UK homecare agencies surveyed by CareLineLive.

When asked if the homecare sector will improve for agencies over the next year, 64% of the agency leader focus group agreed. This is despite a challenging year, with 6 out of 11 admitting they found it harder to hire carers through the pandemic. In addition, 45% stated that the pressure of COVID-19 had increased the churn of carers in their business.

However, when asked whether technology has helped their business and carers during the pandemic, 73% agreed. Participants cited that technology has enabled them to be more responsive to changes and has helped keep their managers, carers, clients and their families better connected, reducing isolation and reducing the risk of contamination with the removal of paper files in clients’ homes. Technology has also helped agency leaders and carers to increase efficiencies, reduce paperwork, and improve scheduling and compliance, while simultaneously helping to disseminate information about COVID-19 policies more quickly.

Josh Hough, Founder and MD of CareLineLive, commented: “The dependence and focus on homecare agencies and carers has increased significantly in the past year, but COVID-19 has created a number of challenges for the sector. Many hope for better funding, more respect for the sector, and a social care review in government, and it’s great to see agency leaders optimistic in this regard. The pandemic has resulted in long term focus on change and increased investment that the sector desperately needs. Families, agencies, carers and those requiring care are all reaping the benefits of the much overdue digitalisation of homecare.”

About CareLineLive
CareLineLive is an all-in-one, purpose-built homecare management system for domiciliary care agencies to manage the ‘circle of care’. The company was set up by Josh Hough in 2014 after being frustrated at the lack of access to his Grandfather’s care. Working closely with a number of homecare agencies, CareLineLive has used the latest technology to develop for agency owners and managers an innovative, easy to use, cloud-based homecare management system. Its award-winning platform leads to increased efficiency, capacity and compliance through digitising workflows, automating procedures, increasing revenue opportunities and decreasing overheads. CareLineLive completes the ‘circle of care’ and gives agencies and carers ‘more time to care’ and is operating throughout the UK, Ireland, Jersey and now Australia.