Schiller India launches CARDIOVIT MS 2010 Tablet ECG

Schiller India, a leading Swiss Joint Venture Company in the field of Medical Diagnostics, has launched a tablet ECG called CARDIOVIT MS 2010. It has a 10. 4” color LCD touch screen with LED back light. Operation and entry directly via the touch screen keyboard. It also offers full disclosure of all 12 channels and Pacemaker Detection with different printing options. 
According to V. Balakrishnan, Sr. Vice President. “The MS 2010 Tablet ECG represents Schiller’s leadership position in designing ECG analyzers featuring cutting edge technology. The MS 2010 is designed as the personal ECG recorder and analyzer for a cardiologist who demands a lightweight, easily portable unit, featuring easy operation and a high resolution screen for viewing all 12 leads simultaneously.” Features of CARDIOVIT MS 2010: •10. 4” color LCD touch screen with LED back light • High sampling rate: 4000 Hz •Long rhythm recording upto 5 minutes •Detailed measurement & interpretation software •Thrombolysis software •Thermal printer •One-touch work flow •Memory upto 350 ECGs.