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Healthcare Webinar: Innovative approaches to patient engagement through AWS Marketplace
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Health-Benefit Advancement Through AI To Benefit The Old.

All can work out well when it comes to artificial intelligence, as it has the potential to enhance the older generation's health to a great extent, but only when the elements of ageism are deleted from their design as well as implementation and use.



NHS Pushes Recovery Plan In Elective Care To Skip Long Waits.

The National Health Services and the UK Government have gone on to set a blueprint which will address the backlogs built during the COVID-19 pandemic and thereby tackle the long term waits that have cropped up with enormous capacity expansion of tests and treatments.


Australia's Plan To Address Backlog of Essential Surgeries.

Last two years has seen the pandemic overshadow all the other significant issues related to diagnosis, treatment, and surgeries. This is a phenomenon which has been experienced across the world and Australia has been no different where the Australian Medical Association as well as the Royal Australasian...



Additional Help Sought From Congress By AHA And Hospitals.

It doesn't come as a surprise to learn that the American Hospital Association, as well as other hospital groups, have come forward and urged Congress for additional help as the cloud of the pandemic looms.


WHO Says 90% Countries Healthcare Disrupted Due To COVID-19.

As per the latest reports coming in from around the world, disruptions have been at their peak when it comes to health services that are basic like vaccination drives and disease treatment such as AIDS. These hurdles have been to the tune of 92% across...



World Conditions Ideal For More COVID-19 Variants To Emerge.

Looking at the present conditions, the situation looks ripe for COVID-19 to mutate into many more variants, and the assumption that the pandemic is approaching its final stage is nothing but a thought conceived by theories that no one can prove.


High Rehospitalisation Possibility For Acute COVID Survivors.

According to a finding by a large UK study, patients hospitalised because of COVID-19 aren't out of the woods completely as many might end up in healthcare centres again after a few months. Even if compared with the flu cases that were hospitalised, COVID patients had to go through the worse.....



Top Likely Medical Tech Hazards To Watch Out For In 2022.

Virtual security as well as other tangible and non tangible hazards have led to healthcare organizations facing threats that can be of grave concern in 2022.



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