3rd Value Added Medicines Conference 2019

    Our population is ageing. We are living and working longer, opening the possibilities for specific ‘silver’ needs, namely in healthcare where chronic diseases are becoming more prevalent. Value added medicines can provide new solutions for patients, healthcare professionals and healthcare systems in this new era by improving patient adherence, quality of life and other health outcomes, as well as by tackling healthcare system inefficiencies, healthcare provision and organisation.

    During the conference, you will learn how to create an optimal environment to enable elderly people to benefit from value added medicines and the role of the various healthcare stakeholders in this process. You will learn more about regulatory and legal topics, market access, the future outlook in the digital space of value added medicines and much more!

    Event Name: 3rd Value Added Medicines Conference
    Event Venue: Renaissance Hotel Brussels
    Event Date: 21 November 2019
    Event website link: https://www.medicinesforeurope.com/events/vam19/
    Event Organizer Name: Medicines for Europe
    Communication number (with country & area code): +31-6-41190824
    Email ID: trudy@medicinesforeurope.com
    Social Media Link’s: #VAM19

    Organiser: Medicines for Europe

    Medicines for Europe began over 20 years ago as the European Generics Medicines Association (EGA) with the goal of representing the emerging generic industry, and later growing to include biosimilar medicines to its portfolio. As the pharmaceutical industry and the healthcare environment within which it operates have evolved, so has our Association.

    When the EGA was first launched back in 1993, generic alternatives to branded medicines made up a fraction of the market. As more of these medicines came off-patent, and the benefits and value of generics to both patients and healthcare providers became clearer, so the provision of generic medicines has increased dramatically.

    Our members provide the essential medicines that European patients, healthcare professionals and healthcare systems rely on to treat the most acute and chronic diseases ailments covering a wide range of diseases from cardiovascular, to diabetes and cancer. Better access to the most effective therapies means millions more patients are getting better and living longer, while healthcare inequalities are being reduced.