Asia Healthcare Week 2024

    The Home of Asia’s Largest Healthcare Gathering, Asia Healthcare Week (AHW) is the region’s #1 mega show bringing together all healthcare leaders in the primary, community and consumer health sectors.

    This is the only gathering in Asia that will unite the front-line healthcare service providers, clinical operations professionals, allied health practitioners, consumer and retail health sectors and more in one platform – to discuss transformational best practices in bettering the region’s healthcare industry.?

    Event Name: Asia Healthcare Week
    Event Venue: Singapore
    Event Date: 25 – 26 June 2024
    Event website link:
    Event Organizer Name: IQPC Worldwide
    Communication number (with country & area code): +65 81019308
    Email ID:
    Social Media Link’s:

    Organiser: IQPC WORLDWIDE

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