Tissue Paper is the Smart Choice

    Tissue paper offers the smart choice for families, restaurateurs, facilities managers, everyone. Whatever your priority, we invite you to roam around the site and learn why tissue paper is the smart choice for you.


    The Covid-19 pandemic has brought the importance of health and hygiene into sharp focus. Keeping staff and customers safe in professional environments has been a high priority for everyone. One strategy that has received particular attention is the hygiene benefits of paper tissue for wiping and drying hands and surfaces. Tissue paper’s excellent hygiene credentials have served to boost perceptions of it as the smart choice for upholding safety in both domestic and public settings.


    The purpose of this summit is to present the business case for using tissue paper throughout the hospitality industry. It will explore the hygiene benefits of paper tissue both back and front of house, present its sustainability credentials and demonstrate how consumers prefer paper as a trusted partner in keeping them safe and healthy.

    • Event Name: Tissue Paper, The Smart Choice
    • Event Venue: online
    • Event Date: 29/04/2020 2:00PM to 6:00PM CEST

    Organiser: European Tissue Symposium

    The European Tissue Symposium (ETS) is a trade association, organized as a non-profit association under the Belgian law and established in the International and European Union environment of Brussels, Belgium.

    The members of ETS represent the majority of tissue paper producers throughout Europe. and about 90% of the total European tissue production.

    ETS was founded in 1971 and is based in Brussels since 1992.