4 Common Stigmas Around Hearing Loss and How To Overcome Them


Youth and vitality – yes, we all want them! However, the inevitable will happen; age creeps on slowly and surely, and hearing loss often comes with that. Many people are hesitant to admit it, even the idea of wearing a hearing aid causes trepidation and denial. Nobody wants to appear old! Hearing gives the ability to perceive essential information, to hear the voices of loved ones, the sounds of nature (imagine never being able to hear the sound of the majestic ocean), and even the presence of danger.

Here are 4 common stigmas surrounding hearing loss, along with some tips on how to overcome them.

1. “I’m Too Embarrassed To Wear Hearing Aids”

Perceptions are difficult to break down. The general population, especially in Western cultures, see individuals with hearing loss as being ‘old,’ ‘mentally challenged,’ or ‘difficult to communicate with. Partners, spouses, and friends subconsciously find them ‘generally uninteresting.’ People with the beginnings of hearing loss cite a plethora of stigmatizing reasons, such as “too embarrassed to wear,” “makes you seem disabled,” and “I don’t want to be made fun of.”
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2. “I’m Afraid They Will Make Me Look Old”

Although a common concern and completely understandable, the constant asking to repeat something becomes more annoying than wearing an aid. However, untreated hearing loss can make you appear older to those around you. If you:
• Are always saying “what”
• Are turning up the volume of the TV so high that no one else can watch
• Seem to be ignoring people, but actually, you don’t hear when they are talking to you, or you respond inappropriately

Everybody naturally wants to look and feel good, and worrying about what the hearing aid will do to your appearance is real. However, consulting with a specialist about the different styles of hearing aids best suited for your needs will set your mind at rest. Once you can hear better with the help of a hearing aid, you will appear younger, and you will feel better too.

3. “I Won’t Be Able To Afford Them”

This is a genuine concern, but it shouldn’t prevent you from seeking treatment. Rather put your fears and concerns into research and look out for the best option available.

Trained professionals will carry out the necessary range of tests and will assist you in choosing the right aid for your budget and needs.

4. “They Won’t Work”

Technology is rapidly moving on, and the same can be said of hearing aids. This technology has advanced in leaps and bounds. These aids are basically a computer dedicated to improving and processing sound. They are designed to clean up sound in a way that makes it easier for people to perceive sounds in a much more audible way.

You will be able to distinguish speech in noisy backgrounds, they are discreet, state-of-theart, and comfortable.

Audiologists will carefully select the correct device for your needs to provide you with a noticeable difference when you find yourself in a noisy environment.

Wrapping Up

The constant fear of hiding the hearing loss can impact your mental and physical health. Avoiding situations because of your embarrassment will deprive you of necessary communication and social well-being.

Modern hearing aids will help improve your quality of life and your confidence.

Make an appointment to speak to a team of professional audiologists who will guide you every step of the way and ensure the hearing aid fits into your ear for better comfort and hearing ability.