Back Pain Relief Remedies You Can Try at Home Today


The excruciating pain when you try to tie your sneakers, the annoying itching pain when grabbing the cereals on the top shelf, or just the bothersome numbness of the lower back after a long day of sitting! Sounds familiar? Of course, during the course of life, the chance of never hurting your back is almost impossible. Modern-day living, driving, sitting, and a lack of walking or any form of physical exercise only contribute to the problem. If you’re struggling with these problems, in the text below, we’ll discuss simple ways to relieve pain as effectively as possible. Read on!

Maintain Proper Posture

This one is all too familiar to everyone who spends hours behind their desk. Bad posture while sitting can have devastating long-term effects on the body; the pain can only get worse as time progresses, and few people know how to handle it. While seated, ensure your feet are flat on the ground and your back is aligned against the backrest. When standing, distribute your weight evenly between both feet and avoid slouching. Make sure to walk from time to time around your room or office, as any sort of walking can make a big difference. Before and after sitting for long periods of time, do a few stretching exercises to bring your spine back into position.

Regular Exercise

There have been numerous studies showing how regular physical exercise can improve your health more than if you simply eat healthy and sit all day long. In fact, medical experts suggest that sitting for prolonged periods of time has a worse effect on our bodies than hard physical jobs done by people in the Victorian era. It seems as though all the comfort we strive for is now slowly killing us. So, Engaging in regular physical activity is crucial for strengthening the muscles that support your back. Exercises that focus on your core muscles, such as planks, bridges, and yoga, can significantly contribute to back pain relief. Yoga, in particular, emphasizes flexibility, balance, and gentle stretching, all of which can alleviate tension and promote better spinal health. Try out a few of these options, and you’ll see the difference in no time.

Over-the-Counter Pain Relief

Over-the-counter painkillers are the first thing we grab when in pain. And sure, these bad boys can make quite a difference in combating back pain of any form. But the problem is that these are just temporary reliefs, and the real cause is never treated. So, we suggest trying supplements and medication that will positively impact your hidden causes. What we eat is who we are, and processed food can cause intoxication and inflammation in the body out of nowhere. For example, the most common back issue is one related to the infamous sciatic nerve. Anything from stretching and exercises to visiting your chiropractor’s office can help. But if you take proper medication made from completely natural ingredients that support sciatic nerve pain, you can see results in 4 weeks at most. What’s happening to the body is actually a process of accumulation while the natural ingredients are slowly doing their job of curing the inflammation over time. After a month and a half, you shouldn’t feel any form of pain, and of course, to maintain this state, it’s advisable to maintain good posture and exercise. Yoga helps as well!

Proper Sleep Ergonomics

Sleeping on the stomach is a favorite of many, but the way it puts pressure on your spine is completely unnatural and can only cause you trouble in the future. If you’re struggling with back pain, you’ll have to change these habits and go for a position more suitable for the spine. Using pillows strategically to support your neck and lower back can contribute to reducing pain. And don’t forget that a mattress that provides adequate support and comfort is essential for maintaining proper spinal alignment during sleep.

Heat and Cold Therapy

This one is a favorite of many; applying heat or cold to the affected area can provide quick relief from back pain. Basically, cold packs can help reduce inflammation and numb the area, while heat packs relax muscles and increase blood flow. And between hot and cold treatments, they can be particularly effective. It has to do a lot with how our nervous system works, what hot/cold exposure does to the nervous system and cardiovascular systems, and what exercise and yoga do to the muscles. It’s a “stretching” excess that allows our body to adapt to different forms of stress.

Seems pretty simple, but not for the one in pain. We know how much distress it can cause and how bothersome it can be. In some extreme cases, people had to undergo surgery after years of back pain and struggle. Yet the solution is simple; the implementation of several effective methods can have wondrous outcomes. Good luck!