Common Signs of a Sick Prostrate You Need to Know


As a man, your prostrate health is so important because it determines your sexual activity. Once your prostrate is sick, you are most likely to fail to perform well sexually which can affect your marriage or relationship.

On top of that, your prostrate can be affected by life threatening conditions like cancer. If not detected and treated early, you can lose your life. So, here are the common signs of a sick prostrate to always look out for.

1. Frequent Need to Urinate

A healthy prostrate has the potential to hold urine for long. But if you always have a frequent urge to urinate all the time, your prostrate is likely to have issues. As you age, your prostrate starts to lose control. This explains why young men can hold urine for long better than older men. Their prostrates are still strong and in perfect condition.

However, all of a sudden when you start gettinga frequent urge to urinate all the time which hasn’t been happening, it is a sign of something wrong with your prostrate. The best thing is to visit a doctor for a check up or learn more about this before the situation gets worse.

2. Painful Ejaculation

Sex is supposed to be enjoyed and ejaculation is always coupled with great feelings. However, if you start feeling serious pain when ejaculating, it can be a sign of a sick prostrate. This can negatively affect your sexual life because you may fear to get involved in the act again.

So, any time you start experiencing painful ejaculation, run as soon as possible to the doctor for treatment. It may be a sign of infections or other conditions with your prostrate and when you delay, they may worsen.

3. Blood in Urine or Semen

It is always good to examine your urine because it says a lot about your health. For example, clear urine usually shows that you are well hydrated but a dark color reveals different conditions like lack of enough water in the body.

Not only that, but the color of your urine can reveal your prostrate health. In fact, if you notice any blood stains in it or in your semen after sex, your prostrate may have issues. If it comes once and never appears again, you may have nothing to worry about, but if it is consistent, run to the doctor for check up.

4. Painful Urination

Painful urination can be a sign of many health issues including prostrate problems. Normally, people take it as a sign of sexually transmitted diseases such as syphilis. Despite that being true, it could also be sign of a sick prostrate.

So, it is better to visit a healthcentre for check up to confirm what is causing the pain. For simple infections the pain stays for a short period and disappears but if it keeps on increasing, you need medical attention.

Watch Your Prostrate Health

The more you age, the more attention you should give to your prostrate. Many aged men are at high risks of getting prostrate issues and have to watch their health in many ways and you can learn moreabout it here. It is better to quit smoking, eat healthy foods, and exercise regularly.