Getting Your Pharmacy Technician Degree Online: The Future Is Now


The Role of the Pharmacy Technician Is Changing

You’re thinking about becoming a pharmacy technician but don’t know where to start. Going to school online is the easiest and most flexible way to get your pharmacy technician degree these days. With digital dispensing on the rise, more and more pharmacy tech programs are available online. In this article, we’ll look at the benefits of pursuing your pharmacy technician education online, how digital dispensing is changing the pharmacy landscape, and the bright future for pharmacy techs who get their degrees digitally. Online pharmacy tech degrees allow you to advance your career on your schedule and prepare you for the high-tech world of 21st century pharmacies. Read on to learn how getting your pharmacy technician degree online is the way of the future!

Why Getting a Pharmacy Technician Degree Online Makes Sense

Greater Responsibilities

The job of a pharmacy tech used to mainly involve counting pills and entering data. Now, techs are taking on much more responsibility. As the pharmacist role expands to provide  more direct patient care, techs handle an increasing number of tasks like verifying insurance, managing inventory, and counseling patients. Some techs even administer immunizations! The additional duties mean more opportunities for career growth.

Advanced Certifications

With additional responsibilities comes the need for more advanced skills and knowledge. Pharmacy tech programs are adapting by offering more comprehensive training. Many techs now pursue additional certifications beyond the basic requirements. Certifications in areas like sterile compounding, billing and reimbursement, and medication management demonstrate your proficiency to employers.

A Promising Career Outlook

The role of the pharmacy technician continues to expand, and demand for well-trained techs is high. The career outlook is very positive, with an estimated growth of 4% over the next decade. Plus, average pay for techs is over $33,000 per year, with higher pay possible for those with more experience, certifications, and education.

Pursuing a degree or certification in pharmacy technology is a smart choice if you want an engaging career in healthcare. The future is bright for techs who keep their knowledge and skills up-to-date with changes in the profession. With the right training and credentials, you’ll have opportunities for career advancement as the role of the tech evolves. The future of pharmacy is digital, and the techs who adapt will be in high demand.

Top Online Pharmacy Technician Degree Programs

Convenience and flexibility.  An online program means you can study on your own schedule.  No commuting to class, just log in and learn.  This is ideal if you have a job or family commitments during the day.  You can study at your own pace and fit coursework around your busy life.

Cost savings.  Online programs are often more affordable than traditional on-campus degrees.  You save money on things like transportation, parking, and housing.  Many schools also offer lower tuition for online students.  Some programs may allow you to pay per credit instead of a flat fee.  Every bit of savings helps when furthering your education.

Learn practical skills.  A good online pharmacy tech program will teach you the real-world skills you need for the job.  Things like managing patient profiles, processing insurance claims, and maintaining inventory.  Some courses even use virtual reality simulations to prepare you for a career as a pharmacy technician.  You’ll get plenty of hands-on practice to build confidence in your abilities.

Open the door to career opportunities.  With an accredited degree or certificate, you’ll have the credentials to land an entry-level job as a pharmacy technician.  Many pharmacies prefer or even require certification.  An online program can open up more career opportunities and increase your earning potential.  It may also allow for career advancement into lead technician or supervisory roles.

In today’s world, you have options when it comes to education.  An online pharmacy technician program offers many benefits worth considering.  Convenience, lower costs, practical skills, and career opportunities are just a few of the reasons why earning your degree online makes good sense.  The future of healthcare education is digital.