Here Is All You Need to Know about How to Delay Menstruation


There are many reasons why women are turning to methods to delay their period. These methods are becoming more sophisticated each time, although some women still prefer natural methods. Whether it is because she plans to go on vacation, camping, or because she is about to get married and go on her honeymoon, it is likely that she wants to try some method to delay her period and enjoy herself without annoying complications.

Here you will be able to find out which are the preferred and most popular methods among women and which are the methods that are gaining more and more recognition due to their effectiveness and few side effects. Get to know each of these methods better, so you can make a more appropriate choice that suits your needs.

What Types of Hormonal Contraceptives Can Be Used to Delay Menstruation?

There are contraceptives with which you can delay your period, such as the vaginal ring and the patches or Wisp products. They work under the same logic as oral contraceptives. They are hormonal, so you can modify their days of use depending on the date you need the bleeding to arrive; this means that you are going to change the week in which you rest from them, as happens with the pills.

The most crucial part that you must remember always is to take the indicated breaks during each method, this will keep the cycle regulated, and the purpose of contraception will not have, in most cases, any failure. Other contraceptive methods, such as injections and the intrauterine device, reduce and even eliminate menstruation, and according to experts, 50% of women stop menstruating after a year of using these methods.

Other Methods to Delay Menstruation

If you do not use a contraceptive method and want to know how to delay your period, you can try the popular customs but be careful! They can directly affect your period in a negative way. Since these methods are part of myths transmitted from generation to generation, it is possible that they are not as good as people have told you. Therefore, it is better to consult a professional. When it comes to health, what worked for another woman probably will not work for you.

Some natural methods that worked for our grandmothers and many women today are apple cider vinegar, lemon, and infusions of ginger, cinnamon, and parsley, among others. However, their effectiveness has not been proven by scientists.

Do Home Remedies Work to Delay Menstruation?

All organisms react in different ways, and that is why it is so important to consult a professional first because you will not know for yourself what type of ingredients your body will receive well. There is no definitive answer; the home remedies may work or not. The truth is that nature is incredible, and the effects these ingredients have on our bodies are undeniable. For a reason, our grandparents cured their flu with eucalyptus or gargling with ginger.

The list could go on because we know that years ago, the huge portfolio of medicines and technology we have now, did not exist since nature supplied all needs. The incidence of home remedies in our body is undeniable, but we cannot verify or assure you that they will work 100%.

Benefits of Delaying the Period

If you do not like how you feel during your period because the flow is very abundant, you have strong cramps, and in general, the discomfort overcomes you, delaying your period will be a great advantage. Whether it is for an event or because you simply do not want to have days of menstruation. You can postpone it with birth control pills, and there will be no side effects. The only thing you have to keep in mind is to be very organized and not change the bleeding date frequently.

Dangers of Delaying the Period

As long as you do it under medical supervision, delaying your period should not pose any danger. Yes, there may be some discomforts, such as intermenstrual bleeding, but this is normal when you delay your period with contraceptives. The idea is that if you are going to move the period date using contraceptives, do not do it every month on a different date but do it on the same date or avoid it completely. You can do this by taking the pills continuously without resting for seven days. Your body must have a fixed dynamic; otherwise, intermenstrual bleeding will be uncontrolled.

Also, by routinely postponing your period to different dates, it will be more difficult for you to keep track of when your period is due, and this will make it more difficult for you to notice when you are late. You must be very attentive and establish a schedule to keep your cycle under control

Is the Delay of Menstruation Safe for All Women?

If you are looking for the safest way to delay your period, you can try hormonal contraceptives since they are one of the preferred methods recommended by gynecologists. It has not been proven that there is any risk to health, which is a great advantage.

The most crucial part of this process is to do it taking into account all the recommendations. It will never be enough to remember that in the first place, you need to talk to your gynecologist about this issue, listen to their recommendations and ask them any questions you have about how your body works.


There is nothing more disappointing than realizing that the first day of your period will be your wedding day or the week of a fabulous romantic vacation. Do not let menstruation ruin your fun, and if you think of looking for a way to delay menstruation, here you will have already learned how to do it. Do not forget to visit your gynecologist to hear what recommendations they can give you so you can find the safest and most effective strategy.