How to Find Motivation to Exercise as a Busy Student?


The desire to be fit and healthy motivates us to go to the gym or work out at home. But how long can we stay excited about physical activity? Psychologists have found out what helps motivate oneself to go in for sports and what stops us from it. This article is for those who need the motivation to exercise and can’t overcome laziness. We’ve rounded up 9 simple yet effective steps, so be sure to try them!

1.  Tune In To Good Memories

If a new acquaintance evokes pleasant associations, you are likely to be glad to see them again. The same is true about exercising. Those who recall past classes with pleasure tend to attend the gym more often. If a happy picture doesn’t pop into your head, try creating one yourself.

Take your headphones, turn on your favorite music, put on your favorite sneakers – and go ahead, create a memory! And before that, be sure to outsource your school papers to a essaypro help me write my essay service – this is certainly the best way to have more time for what you really need right now. With professional authors by your side, you will finally manage everything, be it academic performance, stress level as well as your physical and mental health.

2.  Don’t Aim To Exercise. Seek Joy!

We often think of sports as a way to get in shape. But it can also be a source of positivity and joy. Those who associate sports with engaging games often use the words “pleasure”, “challenge” and “excitement”. No doubt, they certainly succeed in finding time for exercise, even though their schedule is super hectic. But those who focus on appearance tend to associate sports with weight and stress.

Find an inner drive that will keep you energized. Are you into fighting? Sign up for boxing classes. Do you prefer noisy companies? Play volleyball with your friends more often. Or just ride a bike for a couple of hours every weekend.

3.  Don’t Workout Next To a Bodybuilder

Fitness club ads attract us with pictures of athletes with perfect muscles. But meeting them in private might not be as pleasant as it seems. On the contrary, you may start comparing yourself with them and get even more discouraged.

Some years ago, psychologists conducted a study to see how bodybuilders affect our motivation in the gym. The first participant worked out on a treadmill next to an athlete in tight clothes. The second exercised next to the same woman, but in a shapeless suit. As a result, the first participant spent less time in the gym and said that she didn’t feel well about herself. The second trained longer and didn’t feel angry with herself.

4.  Don’t Evaluate Your Body

The frequency of exercise is often related to three things:

  • Satisfaction with your body;
  • Realizing your needs;
  • The joy of knowing what you are capable of.

But none of these points will bring you the desired effect if you think of your body with negativity. Don’t imagine yourself as a sculptor carving a masterpiece out of shapeless stone. Rather think of yourself as a gardener taking care of their charming trees.

5.  Tailor Your Training Routine

So you found a program online that promises a dream body in three months. But the first minutes of exercise squeezed you out like a lemon. The thought of repeating this nightmare terrifies you. “Maybe this is not for me,” you decide. And you are not wrong.

Those who stick to a strict program without considering their predispositions achieve less effect than those who select exercises based on their abilities. Don’t set records. Listen to your body and review the intensity of exercises from time to time.

6.  Don’t Be Too Hard On Yourself

“I’m a lazy person, I have no willpower” – how often do you think of yourself that way? Did you oversleep? This is not so bad – sleep is also necessary. Surely, you are a busy person and need to unwind too. Don’t let your weaknesses define who you are.

7.  Give Yourself a Tangible Reward

A bird in the hand costs more than two to fly.  Visionary goals like “good health”, “longevity”, “stunning body” or “following the trends” may not be specific enough. Better come up with a reward that is true to your heart. For example, you can treat yourself to something sweet after going to the pool.

Over time, your motivation begins to come from within, as the brain will associate sweat and pain with the upcoming release of endorphins – the very happy hormones that please us so much.

8.  Make A Public Statement

When you keep your activities a secret, you aren’t so ashamed of yourself for skipping a run, for example. One has to express their intentions publicly, as then, one will feel much more serious about their plans. Try posting a picture of your new sneakers on Instagram and make a vow to try them out on a 5k run. Believe us, many people will respond to your post and may want to join you and follow your progress. Some might just support you, boosting your motivation.

9.  Find What You Are Passionate About

Most often, thoughts about keeping fit are associated with a gym or a swimming pool. And if such activities make you bored, this doesn’t mean everything is lost. There is no point in forcing yourself to do something you don’t want to.

Some cannot live without a morning run, some love to swim, and others are passionate about aerobics or boxing. There are a lot of sports activities and everyone can find among them what will be to their liking. Suddenly, the sport will open up to you from a new side.

If the chosen activity makes you exhausted at some point, don’t worry and turn on the search mode again. When you can exercise at home, you don’t have to force yourself to do what you don’t like at all. Hate doing crunches? Try a plank or bike. Don’t like squats? There are lots of other leg exercises.

To Wrap It Up

Are you one of those who want to play games, go jogging in the park and attend a swimming pool, but are too lazy to do that? Is your subscription to the gym full of dust on the far shelf? Well, you are not alone.

Forcing yourself to reconsider your lifestyle is really not easy. No one can be forced to exercise under pressure. But at the same time, one must be aware of the risks and consequences of a lazy lifestyle. If you still want to keep fit for the sake of health, then devote some time to exercising and you certainly won’t regret it.