Keeping Healthy as an Older Adult Means Doing These Things


Our bodies never really stop changing. The things you do to keep healthy also evolve as the years go by. We modify the exercise and types of activities we engage in based on our moods and how our bodies feel.

For example, if you played competitive ice hockey growing up, you might switch to playing in a less intense recreational league in middle age among friends. Years later, you might enjoy instructing grandkids on the finer points of the game or going for a leisurely skate.

Here are a few other ways older adults can modify their favourite activities to be suitable for them now.

Mind What You Eat

If you have an ancient recipe that people made generations ago, it’ll be just as delicious if you cook it the exact same way today! However, people’s diets often change as the years go by. There are no hard and fast rules, but it’s common for people’s preferences and tolerances to evolve.

Consider your current dietary preferences carefully and make meals accordingly. Or, move to a living community with cooks that do the planning, grocery shopping, and cooking for you.

Older adults who move to places like retirement living at Cité Parkway won’t have to think about what groceries to buy or how to prepare meals. With professional cooks working the kitchens, they’ll create delicious and nutritious meals for you.

Walks and Exercise

Moving the body is something people of all ages need to do. Everybody’s needs and abilities are different, so it’s hard to make any universal claims regarding what older adults can manage.

However, in general, activities and exercises that pose lower risks to muscles and joints are safer for older adults. Things like swimming, walking, and yoga can be great ways to get in motion. They can also be very social activities that help people feel connected in safe and productive ways.

Physical activity helps improve cognitive functions, too, not just the physical body itself.

Purpose and Fulfillment

Staying fulfilled and joyous is an important component of health. What matters most to a person is determined by what’s in their heart. Perhaps nothing could be more deeply personal than that. Nobody can say what that is for you but you.

After people reach the age of retirement, their schedules open up, and they have more time than ever to indulge in their passions and what gives them meaning. This underlying dynamic is common, and what people choose to do with this time is up to them.

Some like to hang out with family, while others volunteer or pursue a passion. It’s wise to focus on what really matters in your newly freed-up time. With years comes perspective, and most people don’t need to be pushed much to invest their time in what brings them purpose and fulfillment.

People need to change how they tend to themselves and keep fit and happy as the years go by. Keep in touch with the changes in you and adapt to them in ways you find appealing, and you’ll remain happier and healthier.