What are 7 things to keep your teeth healthy ?


Good dental care is not about brushing your teeth twice daily. Frankly, taking care of your teeth much more. Besides, starting a good dental care habit early is always good. Many people care about the outer part of their teeth and forget about the inner part.

One secret to ensuring general well-being is to take care of your teeth or, better still, your dental health. Read and learn how to keep your teeth healthy always.

Use a toothpaste that contains fluoride

Dentists like Dr. Dhillon recommend that only toothpaste with fluoride should be used to brush the teeth. One of the functions of fluoride is to deter cavities and prevent tooth decay. For your kids, a rice size of a fluoride toothpaste is alright. However, if the child is over 3 years old, increase the fluoride toothpaste to pea size.

Brush thoroughly

Many people make the mistake of just brushing the outer part of their teeth. They are careless about the inner part of their teeth and tongue. The tongue harbors remnants of the food you eat, and if they are not cleaned properly, it could also cause tooth decay. Ensure you brush your teeth’ front, back, top, and side. Experts at Silverstone Family Dental recommend brushing your teeth twice a day for maintaining ideal oral hygiene.

Reduce the consumption of acidic drinks

If your consumption of acidic drinks is high, it will affect your teeth no matter how often you brush. Acidic drinks are tasty, and it’s often difficult to stop drinking them. However, the discomfort you will get when you keep drinking them often should sware you to stop drinking them. You should drink less acidic drinks: soft drinks, coffee, cordials, etc.

Use your teeth to chew food only

Many people who believe they have strong teeth use them for harmful activities like cutting ropes, opening drinks, etc. The teeth are designed only to chew food and bone. It is always tempting to use your teeth as scissors or cock opener. Using your teeth for anything other than chewing food could cause serious injury.

Protect your teeth from injury

If you are active in sports, then you need a mouthguard. You could fall or get hit by anyone at any time. Combat sports athletes need a mouthguard to avoid the prevalence of teeth injuries. Inserting unhygienic objects in the mouth can cause teeth.

Reduce sugary foods

Eating sugar is good for the body, but it could damage your teeth and vital organs when it becomes excessive. Too much sugary foods will increase your sugar level and may cause many health issues. Eating a good dessert once will not harm you, but when it becomes regular, it causes harm to the teeth.

Visit a dentist regularly

Don’t wait till you start feeling pain in the teeth before you reach out to your dentist. Moreover, it is recommended that you visit your dentist for checkups at least every six months. Plan a visit to the dentist, and it will save your teeth.


Many dentists have recommended that you brush twice a day. That is, once in the morning and twice in the body. Finally, early detection of any dental problem will save your life.