What To Look For In Healthy Drinks


There is nothing wrong with having a bottle of wine with the ladies during bonding night. The same goes for you as you indulge in galloons and galloons of Mountain Dew as you play Call of Duty with the boys during the weekend.

But like most things, there is a limit to how much your body can take. After all, too much of something is not the best for your mind and body.

That is why you might need to switch to healthier alternatives, especially if you are not getting younger. It is neat that these healthy options are available anywhere you go.

You can get such a drink from the convenience store up the block. Or you can shop for Halal wine online. However, it does not stop there. You need to be on the lookout for several factors for these drinks, and we will discuss them below.

What To Look For In A Healthy Drink?

Not because a product says it is healthy means you can rush it off the shelf. That is the mistake most consumers make. They do not look at other product information, only rant and complain about it later.

The same goes when shopping for healthy drinks online. For one point, you need to make sure the website is legitimate.

You want to avoid getting your hands on some shady grape juice from a website that does not have registration. You might have a bad stomach from consuming the drink, or worse.

The Source

One of the many things you have to check is the source of the product. Where is it coming from? Does your retail store make the drink themselves?

Do their products come from a reliable supplier? It might take you some time. But finding out about the supplier can make a difference to your healthy switch, and it allows you to know whether they use natural ingredients alone.

You will also know if they add other things, such as processed sugar, artificial flavors, etc.

Most of these add-ons take a chunk from any drink’s healthy part, which means it is wise to check first.

The fact that conducting research does not guarantee you results might be a bother to you.

However, you can access many resources that allow you to finish the task.


What is a healthy drink when you do not include natural ingredients? You have a recipe for disaster, meaning you are only indulging in a heavily commercialized product.

The healthy part only rests on the print or advertisement, and knowing the ingredients is the key.

The easy part is locating the ingredient panel in a so-called healthy drink. Checking the bottle, canister, or container will do the trick. Not all of us are experts with food and beverages.

But you will notice what ingredients are natural or otherwise. Ingredients, including soya, beans, fruit, and vegetables, do not need any explanation.

However, you might have to look for a different drink once you discover ingredients and compounds whose names you cannot pronounce.

That does not mean you have to fear BVO, Aspartame, Lactitol, etc. These compounds and ingredients still have something to do with drinks you know and love. However, being healthy is only one of their priorities.

The Process

The next part you need to check is the process of how these healthy drinks come from the source to an actual product. Many manufacturers and companies show their methods for transparency and fairness.

They have means to show you the process one step at a time. The neat thing is you can even find websites that allow you to watch the drink-making process live.

These are the types of products you can guarantee to be safe and healthy.

Once you see workers mixing and playing around with the fruits and vegetables, you will get a drink that means well once you get one from the shelves.

The other side of the spectrum showcases the manufacturers and corporate people who do not share their methods. They might not do so to protect something, such as a recipe, step, etc., and it might be their ace against rival companies.

However, that leads to consumers thinking they are only interested in profit rather than their product’s health. An undisclosed process also causes doubts that they only use natural ingredients.

Sure, it may be on the label that a drink only utilizes the best fresh grapes from Italy, and you might not know that the glass has tons of artificial flavor from the process.


A drink’s price also might have a say on how healthy it is as you take a look. Many drinks are cheap – and unhealthy – due to the compounds and other ingredients they have.

Many legitimately healthy drinks use fruits, vegetables, and some sugar; everyone knows these ingredients are hard to obtain.

That is why you will find several healthy drink alternatives to be more costly than others.

But the price is not an obstacle to your journey to healthy living, and you can always find alternatives that cost less from a different shop or website.

Why Not Make One?

There is also an alternative to making a healthy drink. The best part is you can scour the internet or your local bookstore for recipe books and ideas for these products.

In addition, you can find ingredients as you see fit. See that watermelon over there? It works well with some ice and a hint of honey. That piece of apple on the shelf at the next shop? Blend it with the melon you have at home.

Nothing like a fresh and healthy smoothie after a day being busy.

It will be a fun learning experience, and you can also share the drink-making event with a friend or family member.

The Takeaway

You can enjoy healthy drinks whether you purchase them from the store or make them from scratch. It is the same should you research the product’s source, process, etc. The important aspect is you drink them to develop a healthy mind and body.