Abridge taps University of Kansas Health System to roll out AI-based medical transcription for thousands of docs


Abridge, the leader in AI-powered medical documentation, announced a partnership with The University of Kansas Health System that will mark the most significant rollout to date of generative AI in healthcare. Abridge has already helped more than 2,000 clinicians with their enterprise solutions, and also served more than 200,000 patients with their consumer app. By delivering a solution that optimizes patient-provider communication, the new partnership has the potential to serve and support more than 1,500 practicing physicians across The University of Kansas Health System’s 140+ locations, as well as additional clinicians in a phased rollout.

Healthcare systems nationwide are under increased pressure from provider burnout, which the American Medical Association reports is at an all-time high of 63%. Much of this burnout is attributed to the time providers spend on documentation. At The University of Kansas Health System, providers spend 130 minutes per day outside of work hours. Adding to this administrative burden, according to a survey conducted by OnePoll, the majority of providers (70%) report fielding additional follow-up questions from patients to reiterate information previously shared during a visit.

Abridge’s breakthrough technology identifies over 90% of the key points from provider-patient conversations and generates summaries in the formats preferred by clinicians. Crucially, Abridge keeps the provider in the loop, enhancing their productivity, but never replacing their judgment. The core technology acts as an intelligent copilot, producing organized drafts and providing interactive tools to accelerate the editing process, ensuring that providers get off to a running start as soon as a visit concludes. The technology seamlessly integrates with healthcare software, including Epic, a widely adopted electronic health record system, to simplify and streamline documentation.

“With Abridge, we have found a powerful solution that addresses the biggest challenge facing our providers — excessive time spent on documentation including non-traditional hours,” said Dr. Gregory Ator, Chief Medical Information Officer and Head and Neck Surgeon at The University of Kansas Health System. “This cutting-edge technology will not only close the documentation cycle in real-time but also improve the overall quality and consistency of our clinical notes. Our partnership with Abridge represents a major step forward in reducing burnout, improving provider satisfaction, and ultimately enhancing the delivery of patient care.”

Abridge’s comprehensive solution addresses these pain points, starting with a draft generated within a minute of the conversation ending. Abridge’s AI-powered interactive editing tools then support the provider to expedite the remaining edits.

“Abridge is focused on putting the provider and patient at the center of all we do, reducing the burden of administrative tasks and helping clinicians focus on the patients in front of them,” said Dr. Shivdev Rao, co-founder and CEO of Abridge. “The University of Kansas Health System and Abridge share a commitment to a future where AI helps providers and their patients feel more connected to each other, without technology getting in the way of the visit.”