AdventHealth and Sema4 Launch a Data-driven Precision Medicine Program to Optimize Patient Care and Outcomes


AdventHealth and Sema4, a patient-centered health intelligence company leveraging AI and machine learning to derive data-driven insights, announced a wide-ranging collaboration that builds upon the current AdventHealth Genomics and Personalized Health Program to provide new research insights and to prevent, detect and treat disease in their patients.

Initially, AdventHealth and Sema4 will focus on accelerating research in AdventHealth’s Orlando-area network, which includes more than 20 hospitals and emergency departments, and accounts for more than two million patient visits annually. Nationally, the company has 50 hospitals and hundreds of care sites across almost a dozen states. The collaboration will offer genomic solutions to patients across a number of services and specialties.

“AdventHealth views genomics and personalized medicine as critical to the future of wellness and health care, and we are delighted to collaborate with Sema4 on this important journey,” said Dr. Steven R. Smith, chief scientific officer for AdventHealth. “This technology and collaboration will allow us to interpret vast amounts of clinical, genomic and other patient data to discover and provide lifesaving treatments to patients who previously would not have had those options.”

At the center of this precision medicine collaboration, AdventHealth and Sema4 will conduct data structuring and curation of the combined genomic and clinical data, which, along with Sema4 investigative tools, will allow clinicians and scientists to advance research and discovery. The collaboration will use Centrellis™, Sema4’s secure, holistic cloud-based health intelligence platform, in this effort. Sema4 will apply artificial intelligence tools to structure and integrate the longitudinal patient data with the molecular testing data, developing a data set and disease network models that assist in predicting the development of disease and response to treatments.

“AdventHealth is a premier health system with a longstanding commitment to wellness and personalizing health care for its patients, making it an ideal partner for Sema4,” said Eric Schadt, PhD, founder and CEO of Sema4. “We are excited to use our sophisticated artificial intelligence tools to collaborate with AdventHealth scientists and clinicians to deliver improved health outcomes through data-driven insights.”

The collaboration is an important expansion of AdventHealth’s wide ranging Genomics and Personalized Health Program, which already includes major investments in sequencing, genetic testing, genetic counseling and real-world precision medicine research. A leading element of that program is WholeMe, a statewide genomic population health project.

About the AdventHealth Central Florida Division

AdventHealth’s Central Florida Division encompasses more than 20 hospitals and ERs, as well as a comprehensive outpatient care network, in the seven counties in and surrounding metro Orlando. The division’s flagship campus — AdventHealth Orlando — boasts internationally recognized programs, and serves as a major tertiary referral hospital for much of the Southeast, the Caribbean and Latin America. Quality specialty care is provided through AdventHealth Institutes, which is nationally recognized in numerous specialties. AdventHealth also has an expansive research portfolio with more than 500 clinical trials in progress. The organization has a deep commitment to serving the community and has a local financial impact of more than $1 billion annually. AdventHealth and its employees are responsible for nearly 20 percent of Central Florida’s economy.

About Sema4

Sema4 is a patient-centered health intelligence company dedicated to advancing healthcare through data-driven insights. Sema4 is transforming healthcare by applying AI and machine learning to multidimensional, longitudinal clinical and genomic data to build dynamic models of human health and defining optimal, individualized health trajectories. Centrellis™, our innovative health intelligence platform, is enabling us to generate a more complete understanding of disease and wellness and to provide science-driven solutions to the most pressing medical needs. Sema4 believes that patients should be treated as partners, and that data should be shared for the benefit of all.