AI-Powered Diagnostic Solution from QuEST Global to Accelerate Covid-19 Screening


QuEST Global, a global product engineering and lifecycle services company, announced that it has developed a robust AI-powered solution that will enable healthcare professionals to accelerate the screening of COVID-19 patients with pneumonia symptoms. Using advanced deep learning models, the AI-powered diagnostic solution can sort and identify chest X-rays of patients with COVID-19. With an accuracy of more than 95%, the solution can be deployed on the cloud as a service, making it easily accessible on edge for healthcare professionals and end-users. The solution is backed by Microsoft Azure Machine Learning, which helps accelerate the development and deployment on machine learning models in a highly secure and trusted fashion.

The Medical Devices engineering team at QuEST developed this technology demonstrator using chest X-rays of healthy individuals, patients with symptoms of pneumonia and COVID-19. These X-rays were used to train and build a deep neural network model that could discriminate the radiological patterns of pneumonia related to COVID-19 and highlight the suspicious ones, thus leading to a faster screening of the disease.

Elaborating further on QuEST’s AI solution, Krish Kupathil, Global Head, Hi-Tech and Digital, QuEST Global said, “As the pandemic continues to rage, our focus has been to deliver a solution that can support the healthcare professionals effectively. Since the fight against COVID-19 is all about faster screening and immediate isolation of maximum number of people, we aim to accelerate the screening time as much as possible. The AI-based solution will make radiography examinations much faster by leveraging modern image diagnostic systems. As we continue to add more features, we aim to reduce the screening time to less than a minute”.

Michael Kuptz, General Manager – Americas IoT & Mixed Reality Sales, Microsoft, said, “In these unprecedented times, saving human lives is the ultimate goal, and technology can help. Microsoft’s collaborations with product engineering leaders like QuEST can go a long way to driving a more positive outcome. For example, QuEST’s AI-driven diagnostic solution, built on Microsoft Azure, empowers healthcare personnel in the fight against COVID-19 by reducing screening time, thereby enabling more testing capacity.”

Over the years, QuEST has been working as a trusted thinking partner with the world’s most recognized companies in the medical devices industry. The company is committed to enabling its customers Create The Frontier by enhancing healthcare experience to improve the lives of millions of people around the world. With its expertise in new-age technologies like deep learning, AI, IoT and machine learning, the company has been developing comprehensive engineering solutions by using Azure IoT and Azure AI solutions. These solutions have been helping OEMs, and tier-one suppliers seamlessly take a giant leap in their digital transformation journey and make products safer and more reliable.
About QuEST Global

For more than 20 years, QuEST Global has aimed to be a trusted global product engineering and lifecycle services partner to many of the world’s most recognized companies in the Aero Engines, Hi-Tech, Aerospace & Defense, Transportation (Auto and Rail), Power and Industrial, Oil & Gas and Medical Devices industries. With a global presence in 15 countries, 68 global centers and 12,300+ personnel, QuEST Global believes that it is at the forefront of the convergence of the mechanical, electronics, software and digital engineering innovations to engineer solutions for a safer, cleaner world. QuEST Global’s deep domain knowledge and digital expertise aim to help its clients accelerate product development and innovation cycles, create alternate revenue streams, enhance consumer experience and make manufacturing processes and operations more efficient.