Apixio Launches AI-Powered Quality Identifier Solution for Improved Quality Measurement and Patient Care


Apixio Inc., the AI healthcare analytics company announced Quality Identifier, a new solution that allows health plans and providers to unlock critical patient insights for better quality measurement and care delivery.

Federal government agencies are putting increasing pressure on healthcare organizations to deliver higher quality care through robust quality measurement. Currently, most measures designed to determine whether evidence-based care was provided are process-oriented and rely upon coded administrative data. The future of quality measurement in healthcare will be outcomes-oriented, prioritizing quality measures that require patient data from medical documents to supplement claims information.

Historically, clinicians would read medical records to abstract critical data elements for individual quality measures.  But Apixio is changing that by training machines to read, decipher, and extract knowledge from text to provide critical elements for quality measurement across large populations.

“It is critical that we’re able to cost-effectively measure performance and adherence to best practices to improve care quality,” said Apixio CEO Darren Schulte, M.D. “With Quality Identifier, providers and plans can gain an accurate picture of care quality without reliance upon large teams of clinicians.”

Quality Identifier uses Apixio’s proprietary AI algorithms to analyze electronic medical record notes, scanned charts, and other patient documents to identify evidence of measure compliance.  Algorithm results and supporting evidence are then presented to clinical abstractors for review in a secure web-based application.

With Quality Identifier:

  • Healthcare organizations accelerate the abstraction process by using algorithms to find indicators of measure compliance and allow abstractors to review positive results.
  • Abstractors uncover measure evidence missed by manual reviews alone, improving quality measurement accuracy.
  • Quality program managers streamline their workflow with robust project management and reporting tools.
  • Providers and plans obtain a clearer picture of true quality gaps versus reporting gaps.

Quality Identifier is delivered as a secure, web-based application for in-house quality measurement teams. For more information on Quality Identifier, visit www.apixio.com

About Apixio
Improving healthcare outcomes requires access to the right data at the right time. Apixio is advancing value-based care with data-driven intelligence and analytics. Our AI solutions for risk, quality, and clinical insights unlock actionable information from administrative data and unstructured clinical information. The results drive better clinical decision-making and a smarter approach to healthcare. Learn more at www.apixio.com