Approx 250 delegates from more than 30 countries presented at Global E-Health Forum, Hamburg


Hospital & Healthcare Management / Healthcare Pressrelease /  Hamburg, October 29, 2010:- Approx. 250 delegates from more than 30 countries followed the invitation to the inaugural Global E-Health Forum on October 25 + 26, 2010 in Hamburg. In presentations, workshops and discussion forums, the attendees learned about e-health strategies, solutions and services from all over the world. Since demographic shifts, the impact of globalization and an increased burden of chronic diseases and expensive treatments challenge healthcare systems, the development of new cost-efficient, reliable and interconnected systems becomes crucial. The significant contributions e-health can make were presented at this cross-sector forum.

“We all are aware that we are now facing the probably most severe challenge for humankind: To ensure sustainable healthcare delivery. And in this respect, we have to face it: We have no other choice but to work together. Diseases/pandemics do not stop at borders. And globalization also means globalization of health services”, said Ljubisav Matejevic, Founder and Director of the Global E-Health Forum at the official reception in the U.S. Consulate General. “We need to develop the concepts for our future healthcare delivery now. The Global
E-Health Forum is meant as an invitation to all stakeholders: Get involved in developing the right strategies, the best solutions and the services needed!“

What will be the results of the U.S. Health Reform? Will the European Digital Agenda pave the way towards health as a human right? How is New Zealand able to build a high value health system? How has Slovenia implemented the health card? What looks the future like in hospitals from an Asian and a European point of view? And will healthcare become a retail item? The conference delegates, including CIOs and CEOs from hospitals and clinics, representatives of health insurance institutes/companies, governmental bodies, (e-)health associations, universities and research institutes as well as solution providers and journalists were confronted with manifold questions and diverse answers.

Innovative and intelligent approaches to connecting, extending and improving healthcare mainly focused on telemedicine solutions, knowledge management tools and the development of patient-centric services. In an accompanying exhibition, solution providers presented state-of-the-art concepts, technologies, and services.

The primary aim of the organizers of the Global E-Health Forum, the Hamburg Chamber of Commerce, IBM and the European Health Telematics Association (EHTEL), was to present a unique opportunity to exchange visions, ideas, views, know-how and experience and to develop collaborative working relationships cross-sector, cross-border – these objectives will also be on next year’s agenda of the Global E-Health Forum, which is scheduled for October 11-13 in Hamburg, Germany.

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