Asensus Surgical Announces Inselspital University Hospital in Bern, Switzerland to start Senhance robotic Surgery


Asensus Surgical, Inc., a medical device company that is digitizing the interface between the surgeon and patient to pioneer a new era of Performance-Guided Surgery™, announced Inselspital, University Hospital Bern, Switzerland has initiated its Senhance® Surgical System program. This is the second of two new agreements with two hospitals in Europe thus far in 2021, as previously announced in our May 11, 2021 news release.

“Inselspital University Hospital in Bern is the largest University hospital group in Switzerland,” Anthony Fernando, Asensus Surgical President and CEO, says. “We are very pleased they have started surgery with Senhance this week.’’ The University department of visceral surgery – Abdominal Center Inselspital – (upper gastrointestinal and bariatric) department is implementing the digital Senhance platform in their daily surgical practice and will study its clinical utility over the coming months.

Asensus Surgical’s technology platform, Senhance® Surgical System, is the first of its kind digital laparoscopic platform that leverages augmented intelligence to provide unmatched performance and patient outcomes through machine learning. Senhance goes beyond the typical surgical robotic systems, providing surgical assurance through haptic feedback, Eye-tracking camera control, and 3D visualization, and is the first platform to offer 3 mm instruments (the smallest instrument available in the world on a robotic surgical platform).

About Asensus Surgical, Inc.

Asensus Surgical, Inc. is digitizing the interface between the surgeon and patient to pioneer a new era of Performance-Guided Surgery by unlocking the Clinical Intelligence to enable consistently superior outcomes and a new standard of surgery. This builds upon the foundation of Digital Laparoscopy with the Senhance Surgical System powered by the Intelligent Surgical Unit™ (ISU™) to increase surgeon control and reduce surgical variability. With the addition of machine vision, augmented intelligence, and deep learning capabilities throughout the surgical experience, we intend to holistically address the current clinical, cognitive and economic shortcomings that drive surgical outcomes and value-based healthcare.