Avion Pharmaceuticals, LLC, featured on Lifetime® Television Network’s The Balancing Act®

Avion Pharmaceuticals, a specialty pharmaceutical company, recently announced its partnership with The Balancing Act®, a daily morning talk show on the Lifetime® Television Network devoted to supporting women.  At 7 a.m. EDT on Oct. 29, 2012, The Balancing Act® will air a segment on the importance of proper nutrition during pregnancy and will feature information about the innovative new prenatal vitamin, the Prenate Miniâ„¢. Prenate Mini is the smallest prescription prenatal vitamin with a comprehensive formulation that contains 350 mg of DHA.
The Balancing Act segment features information shared by a women's healthcare expert about the importance of taking 1 mg of folic acid daily before and during pregnancy to help prevent neural tube defects. Prenate Mini from Avion Pharmaceuticals contains 1 mg of folic acid in the form of Quatrefolic®.The fourth generation folate that is found in the Prenate Vitamin Family, Quatrefolic is the active form of folate that is beneficial to women – including the 50 percent of women who have an impaired ability to break down folic acid.
"Avion is thrilled to support The Balancing Act and other important women's health programming designed to help women make informed decisions in life related to health & nutrition, fitness, parenting and other important topics," said Mike Sullivan, Vice President, Sales and Marketing, for Avion Pharmaceuticals.  "Prenate Mini is the first of many innovative nutritional offerings that Avion will be offering women. Prenate Mini is unique in its size and nutritional value, using the next generation folate (Quatrefolic), DHA and essential vitamins and minerals – all in one easy-to-swallow gel cap.We couldn't be more proud to feature this product on Lifetime Television Network."
Avion Pharmaceuticals CEO Mark Pugh added, "Avion is passionate in our commitment to support Women's Health with ongoing partnerships that are targeted to provide information and education in support of healthy pregnancies. Â In addition, we will continue to focus on the development of unique and innovative product solutions designed for today's moms and babies."
The Oct. 29 Balancing Act segment featuring Prenate Mini will be available to view online post air-date by visiting www.prenate.com.  In addition, viewers of the Lifetime Television Network also have several online options for staying informed about upcoming airings of Balancing Act: 
About Avion Pharmaceuticals, LLC
Avion Pharmaceuticals, LLC, is a Specialty Pharmaceutical company formed to develop and market a portfolio of innovative pharmaceutical products in the Women's Heath and Dermatology therapeutic areas.  Avion Pharmaceuticals focuses on identifying opportunities to acquire and enhance the market potential of innovative, commercially available therapeutics and late-stage development drugs to fulfill unmet medical needs.