Best Selling Commercial Two-Way Radios Go Digital, Further Expanding Customer’s Choice

 Motorola Solutions, Inc. today unveiled new models of MOTOTRBO™ radios to further expand the existing portfolio of digital radios. The new introductions provide users from across key markets such as manufacturing, retail, hospitality, private security and services with additional price points and form factors to meet their every need.
MOTOTRBO™ is a family of digital-capable two-way radios that offer superb audio quality, excellent durability, and powerful vertical market driven data applications and devices making it the most trusted digital technology for professional and commercial applications in the world.
·         The first product announced today is the XiR E8600 series; a remarkably small portable radio that delivers a full suite of MOTOTRBO™ voice and data features in a tough, waterproof package. Fitting comfortably in the palm of your hand, it delivers the GPS, Bluetooth and system capability you’d expect of a much larger radio. And being IP67-rated, it can operate in wet and dusty environments with impunity.
·         Also launching is XiR M6660, the new companion mobile product to the successful XiR P6600 Series meant specifically for vehicles. This tier of the MOTOTRBO™ portfolio is highly scalable and offers optional system functionality for multi-site (IP Site Connect) systems. The radios also deliver innovative voice features such as Intelligent Audio, which dynamically adjusts speaker volume in response to background noise levels.
·         Following on from the success of the GP3188/GP3688, the new XiR P3688 brings MOTOTRBO™ to a new price point. This easy to use, rugged portable radio delivers analog and digital compatibility and shares accessories with the earlier radio. The portable launches with two companion mobile products for vehicles: XiR M3688, with a bright, high-contrast alphanumeric display, and XiR M3188, with a simple numeric display. With these new models, migration to digital voice is simple and affordable.
·         Today Motorola is announcing the development of 800 MHz and 900 MHz versions of its iconic and award winning SL Series. These will be available in the second half of 2013, and will give more customers the opportunity to experience how sleek and smart a digital two-way radio can be.
·         The XiR P8600 Series portable radios were launched in 2012, and have been serving customers ever since with top tier enhanced voice, data, and application capabilities, including Bluetooth®, and a built-in GPS receiver. Today Motorola announces the launch of new variants for the 800/900 MHz and 350 MHz bands, extending availability of this radio to other customers, regions and markets. Similarly, for XiR P6600 series, a 350 MHz variant will launch later this year.
·         Motorola is also introducing a Remote Mount Control Head option for the XiR M8600 Series radios, allowing separation of the control panel and the radio by up to 5 meters and putting the mobile radio within the reach of the driver in specialist vehicles.
·         MOTOTRBO™ is a family of digital-capable two-way radios that offers superb audio quality, excellent durability, and a wide range of different models, enhanced by powerful audio and wireless Bluetooth accessories, batteries, chargers and carry solutions. Since its introduction in 2007, more than a million MOTOTRBO™ units have been sold, from feature-rich voice and data radios to simple voice-only portables.
Andy Chan, General Manager, Asia Pacific Radio Channels, Motorola Solutions
“Motorola Solutions has gone from a single MOTOTRBO™ digital radio to a portfolio of 20 different models in the span of a few years – and we continue to redefine what customers expect from a two-way radio. As we lead the revolution in digital voice and data communications for enterprises, we remain committed to the innovation of our two-way radio portfolio to help our customers be their best in the moments that matter.”
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