BOGE’s airtelligence provis 3 sets new standards for connectivity & efficiency of compressed air stations


With the airtelligence provis 3, BOGE sets new standards for the networked control of compressed air compressors. With the latest version of the intelligent control, an unlimited number of compressors and accessory components can be managed proactively, and based on consumption.

Users can also control any number of compressed air networks via the airtelligence provis 3. A fully-integrated, high-performance industrial PC makes the system into a complete solution that is ready for connection. It is operated via an intuitive touch display or remotely, for example, via a terminal. All machine data can be called up at any time, almost in real time.

The previous airtelligence provis 2.0 controlled interaction of up to 16 fixed or frequency-controlled compressors and a limited number of accessory components. With the airtelligence provis 3, the hardware and software are dimensioned in such a way that unlimited compressors and components can be connected and operated. As Ethernet is used as the communication standard, it is possible to revert to existing IT infrastructures, and fast and simultaneous communication can be carried out between several participants. Thanks to the new Modbus interface module, the airtelligence provis 3 also integrates external compressors straightforwardly.

“To facilitate communication between products from different manufacturers and for different devices to work safely and reliably, the BOGE control uses the OPC UA open data format. The airtelligence provis 3 can also control different compressed air networks, and this is a new feature on the market,” says Nalin Amunugama, General Manager of BOGE Kompressoren Asia Pacific.

“The healthcare sector, for example, requires a sterile air network to operate alongside other compressed air networks. And because each network requires separate controls, this can complicate operations. The airtelligence provis 3 offers the optimal solution,” Mr Amunugama reiterates.

The intuitive touch operation simplifies usage: detailed compressor view, profile view or pressure gradient can be seen on the optimised 15.6 inch display. Irrespective of whether it is on the integrated display, or on the PC, tablet or smartphone – the comprehensive visualisation is web-based and can be called up and operated from anywhere, and is equally clearly presented on any terminal or device. It shows status values almost in real time, as well as consumption flows. A new feature is energy reporting according to the DIN ISO 50001 standard. In accordance with efficient energy management, the user can trace the energy costs for operating the compressors at any time.

Solve any situation independently
The high-performance control algorithms of the airtelligence provis 3 select the optimal combination of compressors and additional components proactively, and based on consumption. This avoids energy-intensive over-compression and optimises operations for load run or idle times.

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