Clinical Knowledge-Sharing Initiative Enhances Service For Cega’s Travel & Health Insurance Customers


In-house medical specialists at claims management and assistance company CEGA are sharing their clinical knowledge with the provider’s non-medical operations teams; to enhance service for travel and health insurance customers.

The innovative new initiative sees CEGA’s medics running monthly “clinical bite” sessions for non-medical customer-facing teams, such as claims handlers and travel management staff. The aim is to give the latter an increased awareness and understanding of complex medical conditions, ranging from rabies to malaria, and heart attacks to hip fractures.

Deliberately concise to fit within the busy working day, the “clinical bites” are delivered via quizzes and other interactive learning methods, with incentives in place for operations staff who retain the most knowledge.

Dr Lynn Gordon, CEGA’s chief medical officer, explains, “By giving our non-medical, customer-facing staff more knowledge about the serious conditions for which we receive claims, we enable them to feel more confident and empathetic when speaking to patients and their relatives – and to have a really good understanding of our customers’ situations. This activity further demonstrates the value of CEGA’s in-house medical expertise.”

The initiative is the latest in a series of training programmes spearheaded by CEGA to constantly improve customer service. It follows the provider’s recent launch of a new medical escort training programme to enhance repatriation patient safety: set in a simulated airport environment and section of a Boeing 737 aircraft.

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