DKSH Facilitates Equitable Access to Healthcare for Patients in Asia Pacific with Launch of PSPhere Lite+


DKSH Business Unit Healthcare, the trusted partner for healthcare companies seeking to grow their business in Asia and Australasia, has further strengthened its digital offering by launching PSPhere Lite+ as the latest product in our digital patient engagement platform for patients and healthcare players in this region.

PSPhere Lite+ is part of the PSPhere product portfolio, a digital platform that manages the digitized patient journey by bringing together stakeholders involved in the delivery of healthcare to patients, while ensuring that the patient is at the center of the experience. Given its interoperability, external technologies can easily be integrated securely into PSPhere, so challenges related to access, adherence, and convenience for the patient can be solved from the moment a prescription is made, all the way through the care continuum. This means that beyond-the-pill services, such as home nursing, remote monitoring devices, digital therapeutics, and telemedicine services can be delivered in an integrated manner and patients can get the support required outside of a clinical setting. Integrated systems are proven to support improved healthcare outcomes, a key objective of any healthcare system.

DKSH first introduced its patient solutions offering 18 months ago through a cloud-based solution with the DKSH PSP Cloud. After starting nearly 100 projects and delivering proven success for many multinational pharma clients, the platform evolved into a “sphere” of services throughout the patient journey. This led to the rebranding of DKSH PSP Cloud to PSPhere, representing DKSH’s commitment to patient centricity. DKSH’s belief is that improved outcomes will come from better connection and collaboration across and between the different stakeholders involved in the delivery of healthcare. DKSH’s aim is to not only improve healthcare outcomes for the patients, but also outcomes for all members of the ecosystem.

To further the company’s commitment to facilitate equitable access to healthcare for Asian patients, DKSH is now launching PSPhere Lite+, a lower-cost solution with standardized features to enable all clients to quickly and cost-effectively implement their own Patient Solutions Programs (PSP). This modular approach allows clients to grow their patient engagement as they scale.

Most importantly, DKSH sets the compliance standards for patient support programs (PSPs) in Asia Pacific by ensuring that patient safety takes top priority, alongside data security and privacy. All interactions between patient and stakeholders, including benefits administered towards improving patient outcomes, are managed on the platform, allowing strict controls and seamless audits.

As distribution partner of choice for many healthcare companies across Asia Pacific, DKSH is uniquely positioned to provide support to the patient along the entire value chain of healthcare.

Ruch de Silva, Senior Director Digital Acceleration, Patient & Payor Solutions at DKSH, commented “We are excited to play our part in ensuring equitable access to healthcare for all patients in Asia Pacific through this customizable, patient-centric, digital platform. Orchestrating the healthcare journey begins with the patient at the heart, and I am confident that we will continue to achieve exactly this with our portfolio of PSPhere solutions”.

About DKSH

DKSH’s purpose is to enrich people’s lives. For more than 150 years, we have been delivering growth for companies in Asia and beyond across our Business Units Healthcare, Consumer Goods, Performance Materials and Technology. As a leading Market Expansion Services provider, we offer sourcing, market insights, marketing and sales, eCommerce, distribution and logistics as well as after-sales services. Listed on the SIX Swiss Exchange, DKSH operates in 36 markets with 32,450 specialists, generating net sales of CHF 10.7 billion in 2020. The DKSH Business Unit Healthcare distributes pharmaceuticals, consumer health and over-the-counter (OTC) products as well as medical devices. With around 7,970 specialists, the Business Unit generated net sales of CHF 5.4 billion in 2020.