Dräger interconnects fire and gas detection systems


From now on, information obtained from fire and gas detection systems will be available at a glance thanks to a new interface component: the Dräger RFG 3000, which will be presented at the Achema exhibition, to be held on May 11 – 15, 2009, in Frankfurt/Main, Germany.

Every second counts when information on fires or escaping gas is to be obtained. Up until now, the fire alarm control panel has only indicated where certain flame sensors had activated an alarm. However, only the control center could determine whether gas had also escaped and detect that respective gas. This meant that rescue workers lost precious time until they knew exactly what kind of danger they would encounter.

All at a glance

Now, Dräger offers a solution to this problem. The manufacturer of medical and safety equipment presents a networked fire and gas detection system. The interface, the Dräger RFG 3000, allows fire fighters and rescue workers to obtain information from the fire alarm control panel on site, while a monitor in the control center displays fire detection data and gas alarm messages via the Dräger Vision 32 software, making the data of both systems available at a glance.

Providers of networked systems

For this new interface, Dräger combines its expertise in the two fields of gas and fire detection systems, offering holistic concepts for individually customized detection systems. This includes, for example, the combination of fire detection systems of different manufacturers, which can also be displayed on the monitor of the control center via Vision 32.

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