FreshLoc Technologies Inc Subsidiary Wello Inc Wins Award

FreshLoc Technologies®, Inc. is a 16-year-old pioneer and innovator of temperature monitoring for compliance and reporting of pharmaceuticals in the healthcare industry. FreshLoc, through its subsidiary, Wello® Inc., created the WelloStation™ temperature monitoring solution to scan people for contagion via fever screening. FreshLoc's Wello wins award from the Dallas Award Program for its silver bullet.
Fever screening of non-patients is the most overlooked area of patient safety since handwashing was discovered in the 1800s.

WelloStation began protecting patients from non-patients and grew to reduce epidemics in five ways:

Increasing awareness of individuals about contagiousness when they have fever.
Educating on the benefit and importance of hydration to susceptibility and immunity.
Detecting and deterring contagious people from entering.
Causing parents to keep contagious children home from school.
Promoting employee wellness (Ending presenteeism and thereby absenteeism).
"FreshLoc is excited and proud of its subsidiary, Wello! We are encouraged to hear we are becoming known as the silver bullet of patient safety. This is all about the safety of our community and our hospitals," says Rik Heller, Chairman of FreshLoc Technologies and Wello Inc.

About FreshLoc Technologies

Since 1999 FreshLoc has been helping hospitals, pharmacies, laboratories, imaging centers, and other healthcare entities and restaurants, comply with temperature related safety regulations that protect the health and well-being of the people they serve. FreshLoc was the first Wireless Temperature Monitoring company to offer FDA compliant reporting and documentation. Today FreshLoc processes more than 10 million measurements for our clients every day! FreshLoc deployed the first commercially available wireless sensors and sensory cloud, and services more than 1000 sites nationwide. .

About Wello Inc.  

The WelloStation™ provides organizations with a quick, automated, no-touch body temperature screening tool for employees, visitors, suppliers and all others who enter their facilities. Measurement data is stored in the HIPAA compliant WelloCloud™ storage system for compliance and reporting purposes. Stop contagions from entering your facility with fever screening. Wello is a subsidiary of FreshLoc,

pioneer in patient safety through temperature monitoring systems.