GE HealthCare Releases MyBreastAI Suite to Support Clinicians in Accelerating Breast Cancer Detection


GE HealthCare announced the release of a new, all-in-one platform of artificial intelligence (AI) apps to support clinicians with breast cancer detection and improved workflow productivity called MyBreastAI Suite. With this initial release, MyBreastAI Suite integrates three AI applications from iCAD including ProFound AI for DBTSecondLook for 2D Mammography and PowerLook Density Assessment to help support early detection and improve patient outcomes, as well as help radiology departments improve operational productivity.

As the global cancer burden rises, radiologists face increasing challenges such as burnout, workforce attrition, and patient backlogs, placing strain on and testing the resiliency of health systems today. In ongoing efforts to combat breast cancer, the healthcare community remains committed to early detection by leveraging methods, like screening mammography, that have proven to be effective in identifying early breast cancers and reducing breast cancer-specific mortality.However, with breast cancer now surpassing lung cancer as the most commonly diagnosed cancer worldwide, clinicians are seeking tools that can address issues related to access, burnout, variability, equity, and cost in breast imaging to elevate and enhance the detection and diagnosis of breast cancer.

The introduction of MyBreastAI Suite aims to address these challenges by providing an all-in-one platform that can seamlessly deploy AI to breast imaging workflow. With this initial release, MyBreastAI Suite integrates three AI applications from iCAD’s ProFound Breast Health Suite, including:

  • ProFound AI for DBT: Trained with one of the largest available 3D image datasets, ProFound AI for DBT provides radiologists with crucial information, such as lesion Certainty of Finding and Case Scores, which assists in prioritizing caseloads, clinical decision-making, and may help reduce burnout.
  • SecondLook for 2D Mammography: The SecondLook Computer-Aided Detection (CAD) system for mammography is intended to identify and mark regions of interest on screening and diagnostic mammograms from GE HealthCare’s full-field digital mammography (FFDM) systems to bring them to the attention of the radiologist after an initial reading has been completed.
  • PowerLook Density Assessment: This tool helps to standardize breast density assessment and reduce variability across multiple radiologists;simplify and standardize reporting and stratification for clinicians;and enables clinicians to provide women with accurate and reliable breast density assessments based on AI mammogram analysis.

Studies show that the deployment of these digital solutions can assist in prioritizing case load and clinical decision-making. For example, iCAD reader study shows that radiologists reading with ProFound AI for DBT increases reader sensitivity by 8%, increases reader specificity by 6.9%and decreases reading time by up to 52% compared to without.