Gentherm Medical Launches ASTOPAD Patient Warming System


Gentherm , a global market leader and developer of innovative thermal management technologies announced that it has received 510(k) clearance from the U.S. FDA and has launched the ASTOPADTM Patient Warming System in the United States. The ASTOPAD system can be utilized in all surgical procedures and helps prevent and treat hypothermia in patients throughout the perioperative journey.

The ASTOPAD Patient Warming System is a proven device that has been utilized by hospitals outside the United States since 1989. The system consists of a silent electronic controller and a selection of proprietary warming blankets. The controller has two cable connections that can control two blankets simultaneously. A warming blanket can be placed over and/or under the patient, where the temperature settings of the controller range from 32°C – 39°C, and can be set individually in precise 0.5°C increments.

All ASTOPAD blankets are made of Gentherm’s proprietary carbon fiber heating technology, where each blanket is designed with eight integrated sensors enabling enhanced patient safety and precise temperature control. The heating technology has been installed in over 80 million vehicles. Its unique, grid-like design enables safety, durability and reliability.

“The launch of the ASTOPAD Patient Warming System demonstrates our deep understanding of human thermophysiology and how we are able to leverage technology from our automotive business to provide advancements in patient temperature management in our medical business,” said Phil Eyler, President and CEO of Gentherm. “Our carbon fiber heating technology was originally designed for comfort, warmth, reliability and safety in automotive passenger thermal management. This technology is ideal for the Operating Room and anywhere in a hospital when medical professionals need quiet, comfortable and reliable warming to help prevent and treat hypothermia in a surgical patient.”

The ASTOPAD system is compliant with all the latest electrical, ISO and safety standards for a medical patient warming device.

About Gentherm
Gentherm is a global developer and marketer of innovative thermal management technologies for a broad range of heating and cooling and temperature control applications. Automotive products include variable temperature Climate Control Seats, heated automotive interior systems (including heated seats, steering wheels, armrests and other components), battery thermal management systems, cable systems and other electronic devices. Medical products include patient temperature management systems. The Company is also developing a number of new technologies and products that will help enable improvements to existing products and to create new product applications for existing and new markets. Gentherm has over 11,000 employees in facilities in the United States, Germany, Canada, China, Hungary, Japan, South Korea, North Macedonia, Malta, Mexico, United Kingdom, Ukraine, and Vietnam.