Healthcare: Why Focus On Digitalization?


Health industry digitalization is one of the highest priorities in the healthcare sector these times. In perspective, it improves current living standards with quicker and easier access to help. The Healthcare Automation and Digitalization Congress business program will cover digital trends in the healthcare industry. The Congress will take place in Zurich, Switzerland on the 22nd – 23rd of March, 2021.

Growth of pharmaceutical costs, poorly integrated doctor-patient interaction, defects of medical devices delivery system, and patients data safety issues are among the problems that healthcare industry faces every day. Nowadays developing technologies and solutions is intended to minimize input resources, so the accessible and qualified medical care can be provided to anyone. Among the companies interested in the industry developments and participating in the AUTOMA Congresses series are Siemens, Microsoft, IBM, Schneider Electric DMS NS, DNV GL, European Commission.

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The healthcare industry continues to automatize and digitalize processes because it allows to improve the current ways of treatment and prophylaxis. Specifically, the digital transformation can help with laboratory researches by automation of routine processes, rapid response by improving the remote diagnostics, and disease prevention by self-care of the technology users. To reflect cutting-edge technologies, the business program of AUTOMA+ Healthcare will be presented by the following topics:

  • Digital strategy for healthcare business transformation
  • Data advanced management and cyber security in healthcare
  • Personalized medicine developments
  • Healthcare devices: Telehealth and mHealth
  • AI and robotics in the healthcare industry
  • Pharmacology role in digital health
  • Software for clinical and laboratory settings

Healthcare Automation and Digitalization Congress is the networking platform for top-management from healthcare providers and pharmaceutical companies, healthcare professionals, IT and project managers, and heads from technology companies. It is a place for experts to share their cases, exhibitors to showcase their solutions, and industry representatives to discuss healthcare trends at the same venue.

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