Healthereum Launches Beta Version of HELIO Blockchain Patient Engagement App


Healthereum LLC released the beta version of the Healthereum Life Portfolio, or HELIO, a mobile application that allows patients to be rewarded digital tokens for interacting with their healthcare providers. With each action taken — “Promise to Show” for an appointment, complete quality care surveys after the visit, receive task messages from their doctors and view their current diagnoses — digital tokens are given to the patients’ “wallet” to reward them for time spent on their health using blockchain technology.

Attendance to an appointment is gamified, and the doctors can view ahead of time which patients are planning to show up. The simple act of seeing the doctor gives reward tokens but a no-show forfeits them and given to the doctor. Thereafter, completing a questionnaire is incentivized.

This addresses the current poor survey response rates and lack of an honest care team reputation score. Once the visit is complete, patients will view the diagnoses and partake in medical billing. Lastly, doctors may send messages to their patients’ mobile devices pertaining to their diagnoses in an ongoing fashion.

HELIO has been created to change behavior and improve accountability. The only way to do this is by showing patients the reward tokens have value. The value is determined by their care team and can be in any form — for example, free parking pass, using tokens in the gift shop or offset high cost of copays