Healthify Partners with Algorex to Use Predictive Analytics to Address Social Determinants of Health


Healthify, a company that works with payers and providers to create social determinants of health (SDoH) infrastructures, announced a partnership with healthcare data analytics company Algorex Health Technologies to offer social determinants of health (SDoH) predictive analytics to health plans and provider organizations to better understand and proactively address the social needs of members and patients that can impact overall health outcomes.

“Social determinants of health – such as access to where a person lives, the type of job they hold and their level of education – have a dramatic impact on health and wellbeing. The COVID-19 pandemic has exposed how inequalities in access to food, housing, employment and other resources can put disadvantaged communities at greater risk and can have a negative impact on health outcomes,” said Manik Bhat, Chief Executive Officer of Healthify. “Together with Algorex we’re applying community-level data science and predictive analytics to help health plans, providers, and policy makers proactively identify at-risk populations and the impactable cost of different interventions to ensure we’re funding the highest priority social interventions.”

Healthify creates the infrastructure that drives collaboration among community-based organizations, healthcare payers, providers and policy makers to address food insecurity, housing instability, access to medical care and other social disparities with aligned incentives and accountability. The new offering integrates Algorex’s machine learning capabilities and advanced analytics into Healthify’s SDoH Platform to help healthcare organizations identify social needs at a granular level and identify community-based social service organizations that are best equipped to provide support for people in need.

“When building a robust SDoH program, healthcare organizations need to determine both the specific needs of their communities and what interventions would be most beneficial for them,” said Jacob Luria, Managing Partner at Algorex Healthcare Technologies. “Predictive analytics is a critical first step in uncovering the non-clinical needs of patients and identifying social risk factors. We’re proud to partner with Healthify to apply our advanced analytics capabilities to equip healthcare payers, providers and community-based organizations with the specific, in-depth data they need to proactively address social needs through targeted interventions.”

About Healthify
Powered by a mission to build a world where no one’s health is hindered by their need, Healthify builds the infrastructure to support social determinants of health (SDoH) initiatives at scale. The company builds and manages accountable networks of community-based organizations and provides the necessary interoperable technology platform to allow the healthcare sector to coordinate care within the network. Healthify works with health plans, providers and community partners in all fifty states and is dedicated to community partner sustainability and demonstrating ROI for social service interventions to ensure that families receive the services they need to thrive.

About Algorex
Algorex Health Technologies LLC, a Boston-based data science company, provides social determinant data analytics and campaign management to support value-based care initiatives. Algorex Health is on a mission to make healthcare analytics easy and actionable, while demonstrating the return on investment that SDoH interventions have for organizations and the patients they take care of. Healthcare organizations turn to Algorex Health to proactively surface social determinant needs and manage their overall programs.