HUB Security Partners with Enlitic to Secure Health Data, Enhance Patient Care Through Artificial Intelligence


Artificial intelligence (AI) technology in healthcare requires secure patient data to reach its true potential. Healthcare providers have that data but have struggled to protect it. In 2021, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services reported data breaches affecting more than 40 million people. The trend has continued with more than 3.7 million affected people in the first two months of 2022.

Today at the HIMSS Global Health Conference & Exhibition, HUB Security (TASE: HUB) announced a partnership with Enlitic to secure health data in AI-driven applications across healthcare so clinicians can make faster and more accurate diagnoses. HUB Security leverages a new security paradigm centered on confidential computing to provide a secure, isolated environment that protects the integrity and privacy of the AI models and data, making the insights safely available to all parties.

“Advancements in healthcare are being held back by the insecurity of data and, together with Enlitic, we can secure and operationalize that data to help healthcare providers improve patients’ lives across the globe,” said David Hochhauser, CRO at HUB Security. “The larger we can make the data pool, the more we can reduce the bias that comes with using limited pools of information and the better insights we can provide to enhance patient care.”

Enlitic standardizes data sets that have been traditionally siloed and connects them across health systems, resulting in AI applications like medical imaging analysis and predictive analytics. Radiologists read cases 21% faster when augmented with Enlitic’s innovative clinical intelligence models. Enlitic’s expandable AI technology connects relevant clinical data through its real-world common data model platform Curie. Enlitic’s state-of-the-art De-identification and anonymization AI Models protects PHI across all relevant clinical content. Combined with a secure confidential computing environment, secure real-world clinical recommendations will finally be possible.

HUB Security’s confidential computing model creates a secure enclave for the data, producing a competitive advantage for healthcare providers looking to utilize AI technology. Through this partnership, HUB Security and Enlitic will analyze data from imaging systems and archives to assist in the medical decision-making process, creating the world’s first real-time real-world clinical recommendations platform. HUB Security’s platform adapts to changing healthcare needs by securely leveraging innovations and data across and within organizations, all while maintaining privacy and meeting regulatory requirements.

“Enlitic has dedicated itself to creating insights that help healthcare providers across all specialties collaborate with relevant clinical content that can be linked across disparate care systems. With HUB Security in our corner, we can tackle larger data sets and protect everything from the patients’ data to clinicians accessing the AI models,” said James Conyers, CEO at Enlitic.

About HUB Security
HUB Security was established in 2017 by veterans of the 8200 and 81 elite intelligence units of the Israeli Defense Forces. The company specializes in unique Cyber Security solutions protecting sensitive commercial and government information. The company debuted an advanced encrypted computing solution aimed at preventing hostile intrusions at the hardware level while introducing a novel set of data theft prevention solutions. HUB operates in over 30 countries and provides innovative cybersecurity computing appliances as well as a wide range of cybersecurity professional services worldwide.

About Enlitic
Enlitic is a pioneer in developing the next generation of intelligent healthcare tools. Founded in 2014, the company takes a different approach to solving today’s healthcare challenges addressing them throughout the clinical workflow – not just at one point in the process. Using Enlitic’s AI-powered workflow solutions, healthcare organizations can unlock the true value of their data in real-time, providing time-saving solutions that help change patient lives, while giving clinicians and radiologists more freedom to focus on what’s important on the job and in their everyday lives.